NJPW Lions Break Collision Results: Jeff Cobb vs. Karl Fredericks

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NJPW Lions Break Collision Results: Jeff Cobb vs. Karl Fredericks

The first big match in Lions Break Collision is now here, as Karl Fredericks gets to prove himself in singles action against Jeff Cobb. While a match like Tom Lawlor vs. Rocky Romero was big on paper, there was no build to add to the drama. This match on the other hand, stems from the first episode of this show, when following the tag team main event, Fredericks attacked Cobb.

All Fredericks wants is to prove he belongs outside of the Young Lion system, and will be able to beat Jeff Cobb? This show so far has built up to this exact match, and it was going to be a classic. With a thirty minute time limit, we can expect a big match from these two.

Jeff Cobb Just Pummels Fredericks

As soon as the bell sounded, this match was on, both men would throw heavy strikes to start this one. Cobb got the initial advantage with a big lariat, before going for more strikes after putting Fredericks in the corner. This match wasn’t going how he envisioned.

Fredericks got a brief advantage, and was promptly shut down with a huge running shoulder block. Any time he’d come back against Cobb this is how it would go. He’d get some strikes in, and be dropped one one blow by Cobb. On commentary, they ponder if his planned match with KENTA in the New Japan Cup would have gone just like this.

He’d fight out of a rear chinlock, and try again to get himself back in this match. His young lions friends would watch on as Cobb battered the graduate. Dodging a strike and hitting a quick uppercut into a creative backbreaker, maybe he was finally into this one.

Karl Fredericks Still Has That Fire Inside

What draws people to the Young Lions in New Japan Pro Wrestling is their heart, their fire. Even when the odds are not in their favour, they do not quit. This sticks with a graduate their whole career, but lessens over time. Fredericks still has all of his fire, and he’d bring that to try and control Cobb after 5 minutes of abuse.

The tides have changed, with heavy knees from Fredericks finally starting to break the armour of Cobb. Realizing he was losing control, Cobb would do more than just strikes. He’d pull Fredericks in for a suplex and hit a standing moonsault with the greatest of ease, getting a two count, but closing the opening Fredericks fought to open.

A series of forearms and chops in the corner would wake Fredericks up, but a headbutt would send him back. Fredericks came back and pulled from the book of Shibata, dashing across the ring with a lariat, beating Cobb down with forearms and nailing the hesitation dropkick. This got a near fall, but it was like Shibata was back in the ring for a few seconds.

The End Of Near

Fredericks would look for the Implant DDT he got the win with last week, but Cobb would fight out. Instead, a back suplex and jumping elbow would come to Cobb. Cobb would look to show Fredericks some things about suplexes, but be caught with a spinebuster! Locking in the Single Leg Boston Crab, Cobb would have to make it to the ropes to break.

After ten minutes of action, both men would be battered and tired. They’d throw strikes while standing tall on the Lions Mark. Cobb would try to rush in, and Fredericks hit his big dropkick, getting a two count. However, it only took one move to put Fredericks away at this point.

In the end, after 11 minutes of action, Cobb got the win with Tour Of The Islands. This was an obvious result, Cobb is the more experienced wrestler, a former champion. That said, Fredericks showed just how good he will be in this match.

While he’s not a champion yet, it will come eventually. Fredericks is going to be the breakout star of Lions Break Collision, but will he live up to his total potential? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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