NJPW Lions Break Collision Results: Misterioso vs. Danny Limelight

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NJPW Lions Break Collision Results: Misterioso vs. Danny Limelight
Misterioso (left) And Danny Limelight (right) July 24, 2020 Lion’s Break Collision Match Graphic via New Japan Pro Wrestling

Both Danny Limelight & Misterioso ended up on the losing sides of their last matches. Limelight fell to TJP, and Misteriso being on the losing end of a tag team match won by Clark Connors & Karl Fredericks. This win would get both men on track again, but who would claim it? They’d have just 15 minutes to grab the win.

Danny Limelight Takes To The Sky First

A battle of two high flying talents, and a fast pace would be expected, contrasting the slow, grappling heavy Lawlor vs. Coughlin which started this show. Misterioso would take an early advantage, winning the opening lockup and shoving Limelight into the corner. The second lockup, Limelight got the standing switch but would be taken with a headlock.

Misterioso would be shoved off, but come back with a shoulder block. Both men would get moving in an exchange ending with simulatanious dropkicks, before Misterioso got control again with a big overhand chop. Limelight would go for the first big flying moves of the matches once he got some space, hitting a diving hurricanrana and a tornado plancha.

Misterioso Puts Him Away

However, Limelight would go for another hurricanrana and be caught with a powerbomb! Misterioso would look to keep control after this big counter, hitting a rolling fireman’s carry, but he’d miss the moonsault. A series of kicks would drop Limelight however, and he’d get a two count.

Looking to rally back, Limelight would hit a big kick to the head, and hit the Symbiote DDT, and would have got the pin but Misterioso was close to the ropes. After surviving that combo from Limelight, he knew it was time to finish it. He’d hit the thrust kick, and follow it up with a big backstabber, enough to get the win.

After 4 minutes and 43 seconds, Misterioso would beat Danny Limelight, a short match but a dominant showing from the veteran luchador. It’s clear he’s not going to become a Young Lion, but Limelight could use that guidance. Do you think Limelight will join the second class of L.A Dojo young lions? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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