Puerto Rican Wrestling to be Delayed Until 2021

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Puerto Rican Wrestling to be Delayed Until 2021

Puerto Rican wrestling seemed to finally return this August. But, a recent surge in Covid-19 cases changed those plans.

Puerto Rico is becoming one of the fastest-growing US territories with reported cases.  The island, which previously had a modest report of cases, now is presenting a danger. 

Previously, it seemed that Carlos Colon’s World Wrestling Council could return soon. They were talking with public officials for a return in August. The Department of Sports and Recreation had asked WWC a grand venue in which, social distancing was possible. Moreover, this establishment had to be inspected by the government and by a health expert.  

Here’s the previous report on the situation: 

The Secretary of Recreation and Sports in Puerto Rico has confirmed the return of pro wrestling on August 1. During the pandemic, wrestling was prohibited because of the safety regulations on the island. Now, after a slow reopening, companies like the Colon’s World Wrestling Council (WWC) and La Liga Wrestling, are ready to reopen.

Before the Pandemic, the main stories in wrestling on the island was the coalition of WWC and its old rival, IWA PR. Historically the main promotions of the island during the early 2000s, WWC and IWA PR have created hype around a war between Savio Vega and Epico & Primo Colon. IWA had at least 1,000 fans in attendance in the first show of this coalition, featuring the historic return of former IWA World Champion, Ray Gonzalez. […]

Puerto Rican wrestling could start that first Saturday of August, or in a later time. What’s is key is the new regulations that will make it harder for the promotions to move or have any meaningful income. Moreover, some wrestlers could the news could change if there’s a rise of Covid-19 cases.

La Liga Wrestling and CWA also wanted to return during the brief period in which the government announced that contact sport could return on August 1. Yet, the recent surge of cases has made it difficult for any return of contact sports. 

Many wrestlers on the island, with the expectation of the former WWE Superstars, Epico, and Primo Colon, are training or doing interviews with no new income from wrestling. 

Savio Vega, talking to Wrestling Empire, said that he was not interested in returning if this pandemic continues. Moreover, he wanted to delay any insinuation that wrestling could come back to his company IWA PR. Here’s my report on the situation: 

Vega is watching carefully the news about the pandemic and has said that returning now will be like playing Russian roulette. He’s planning to return with IWA PR but is waiting to see what is the best approach. As he said in an interview with Wrestling Empire, “it only takes one person to be infected to spread the virus.”

With the current situation, 2021, could be the year that Puerto Rican wrestling can start regularly. 

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