Results of Torneo Suprema by Mas Lucha

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Although Lucha Libre is on hold in Mexico City, Mas Lucha had a streaming show on Saturday. 

The show was on an undisclosed location in Mexico City. The streaming service featured a plethora of women wrestler, which included former CMLL star, Zeuxis, and notorious AAA star, Dulce Sexy. 

Heres the result of Mas Lucha Torneo Suprema by Lucha Blog: 

Mas Lucha (SAT) 07/18/2020 unknown location, México City, Distrito Federal [Lucha Central, MasLucha]
1) Sexy Dulce beat Baby Love [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, quarterfinal]
2) Lolita beat Reina Dorada [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, quarterfinal]
3) Zeuxis beat Diosa Quetzal [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, quarterfinal] 
4) Ayako Hamada beat Ludark Shaitan [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, quarterfinal] 
5) Dulce Sexy beat Lolita [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, semifinal]
6) Zeuxis beat Ayako Hamada [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, semifinal]
7) Dulce Sexy beat Zeuxis [Torneo Suprema Mas Lucha, final]

Lucha Central had this to say about the show: 

When I saw that Mas Lucha was starting a streaming service where the first show would be an all luchadoras tournament, my first thought was…well quite frankly I didn’t think anything of it because I was probably too busy watching Veronica Mars on Hulu at the time. Then I learned two of my favorite luchadore(a)s alive, Ludark Shaitan and Zeuxis, were involved and gorramit even the presence of The Artist Formerly Known as Sexy Star (Dulce Sexy) wasn’t a big enough deal for me to convince the Lucha Central powers that be to invest the small amount needed to subscribe. Throw in the fact that reviewing lucha shows is something I like to do and that is how I became, as far as I know, the only lucha person I’m aware of to review the first Mas Lucha streaming service show, called Torneo Suprema.

There’s a lot to say about this first show, none more important that, from a technical standpoint, this was a borderline disaster for Mas Lucha. The show, taped earlier in the day (or perhaps several days before) on July 18th, was supposed to stream at 9 p.m. EST; instead it began at 11:29 p.m., nearly two and a half hours later, due to technical issues. The first two matches then went off without a hitch before the audio started to go in and out, followed by several periods of the video dying (sometime for minutes at a time), coming back and dying again, all before things finally got on track in the back third. The only saving grace for this is that the cost of subscribing to this Mas Lucha service is so low that it’s more aggravating then full on infuriating; never the less these were major issues that didn’t install much confidence in me for this service for the immediate future. Most damaging for Mas Lucha is that these issues hurt what was, from a ring standpoint, a show that was much better than I expected. There was has been strong criticism towards the luchadoras scene in Mexico outside of AAA and this tournament, most notable for featuring Ayako Hamada, Zeuxis, several well known to unknown indie names and the widely loathed Sexy, didn’t exactly look promising. And that was before you factored in the likelihood of Sexy wrestling not once, not twice but THREE TIMES! Fortunately though the in ring product turned out to be quite watchable and at times good, thanks to decent runs from Hamada and Zeuxis, a much better than expected set of performances from Sexy and generally good work from all the other luchadoras too. I wouldn’t call it a blow away show, but I had a good time watching it and may have had a better time if Mas Lucha had handled the technical aspects better. Alas it wasn’t meant to be. On that note though let’s leave the technical stuff in the dust and focus on what happened in the ring, while maybe telling a joke or two. BRING BACK THE MOSES PICTURE!


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