Riddick Moss Reveals Why He Vanished From WWE

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For the past two weeks, former WWE 24/7 Champion Riddick Moss has been in action on Main Event. He’s picked up two wins over Humberto Carillo, and is expected to return to Monday Night RAW soon. This comes after he would seemingly vanish from WWE when things were looking up for him.

He was getting wins over men like Ricochet & Cedric Alexander and had one of the best reigns in the history at the 24/7 Champion, but a battle at home was more important.

Riddick Moss Was Protecting His Brother

Like others, Moss would choose to stay home from WWE once COVID-19 struck the world. While speaking with his old tag team partner Dan Matha on the “Spark In The Dark” podcast, he’d reveal why he stepped away.

“I was having a blast. Then COVID came and everything shut down. Especially for me with my personal situation with my brother having cystic fibrosis and living with him.”

Moss had to be extra cautious in this situation, as living with someone who has a weaker immune system increases the risk that comes with this virus. He has since reassessed the situation, and has returned to work in the ring. With hindsight, Moss feels he may have overreacted to the situation.

Moss Has A High Ceiling In WWE

Now that he is back in the ring, we will likely see him back in a major role soon. A physical specimen for sure, Moss has shown very steady improvement every time he’s stepped through the ropes. With Monday Night RAW having a lesser roster than before, it will be even better to have someone like Moss around.

While we aren’t likely to see him challenge for the WWE Championship, he would make a solid contender in the United States Championship. He’s also proven to be a solid tag team partner, having worked with multiple partners in the past, from Dan Matha to Mojo Rawley.

Do you see Riddick Moss entering a big role on Monday Night RAW in the coming weeks? Will he just remain a fixture of Main Event instead? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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