Should Serpentico Challenge For The TNT Championship?

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Should Serpentico Challenge For The TNT Championship?

Fans of AEW Dark are in the know about one of the faster rising stars of AEW. He started in the company under the name Jon Cruz, but he was packing a more colourful gimmick in Serpentico. While early bouts with Brian Cage & Jurassic Express didn’t go far for him, a 10 minute back and forth match with Scorpio Sky has him soaring.

Add in a tag team with Japanese Deathmatch Legend Luther, which gave him his first win in the company, and things are looking good for the Puerto Rican wrestler. He’s yet to make a debut on Dynamite however, but there’s an easy way to make that happen in a big way.

Serpentico Should Challenge Cody Rhodes

Just about every week on AEW Dynamite, we see Cody Rhodes make his way to the ring to defend the TNT Championship. He’s been defending at a rapid pace, and after narrowly dodging a loss to Eddie Kingston, he’s set to face WARHORSE this week on Dynamite.

Cody is projected to win this match however, and then is likely to defend against another AEW talent. Who better than Serpentico? He’s proven his worth across 11 matches for AEW, and the match with Scorpio Sky showed that he can hang with the best of them.

He wouldn’t be likely to leave with the TNT Championship, but people are elevated by facing Cody, and that could be the same story for Serpentico.

His Tag Team With Luther Doesn’t Scream Success

While Serpentico shows great promise, his only win coming from teaming with Luther doesn’t show a great path. Simply put, Luther is one of the worst wrestlers in the company. Those flaws are masked in a tag team, though it would leave Serpentico lost in the best tag team division on the planet. It’s harder to stand out in AEW in a tag team, than in a singles role right now.

Keeping Luther around isn’t a terrible choice. Having someone who’s been wrestling since 1988 in your corner is never a bad option. AEW has managers aplenty, why not add another one to boost one of their more promising talents.

Serpentico much like Preston Vance (Ten) & Alan Angels (Five) of The Dark Order, are the men who benefitted the most from their usage during AEW’s time of a limited roster. They were given a chance to prove themselves, and knocked it out of the park.

Do you think Serpentico should challenge for the TNT Championship soon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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