Sonny Kiss & Cody Rhodes Speak On Hate Thrown Ahead Of TNT Championship Match

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I hate that we are still here in 2020, that someone in the LGBTQ+ community will get hate spewed at them for getting the spotlight in a wrestling promotion. You would love to think we are beyond this as a people, but that simply is not the case, as shown by the hate thrown the way of Sonny Kiss ahead of his TNT Championship match with Cody Rhodes this week at Fight For The Fallen. However, AEW, Cody, and Sonny Kiss are standing tall.

Cody Rhodes Has No Time For This

Replying to a now deleted Tweet about Kiss, Cody would say the following. “This is terrible. And you’re not worth the signal boost. But I’ll make this clear to fans worldwide. If you have a problem with a gay man receiving a title shot, you can kiss my ass. I’m proud to share the ring with Sonny. ”

It’s a simple statment, and shows Codys stance as an ally perfectly. While I wish I knew what the original statment Cody replied to said, I’m very glad it’s gone. Hateful words don’t deserve to be archived. However, Kiss doesn’t need people to fight this battle for him, and his statement was a powerful one indeed.

Sonny Kiss Will Prove Them All Wrong

Sonny Kiss is no stranger to this type of behavior, anyone who is out of the closet and a public figure gets the same song and dance, and his statment is a battle cry in the end. The original is here, but the image says the following.

“Thank you everyone for the overwhelming amount of support. It truly means a lot to me.

I’ve been incredibly open and comfortable with I am since I was practically a baby. You can’t shame someone who is unabashed.

LGBTQ+ community and allies, I completely stand with you guys in making wrestling a more positive and comfortable escape for everyone. That is something we should all strive for. So, once again, I thank you!

I’ll close with this: Sadly, I’d imagine the people on social media who spew hatred are often feeling more pain and sadness than what they’re inflicting on others. I won’t speak for everyone and I will continue to respect everyone’s responses that come naturally to them. We’re human, we have emotions. For me, I try my best to not counter hate with hate, but rather with confidence. “An eye for an eye…” well, you know the rest.

To the LGBTQ+ community: this Wednesday, it’s ON! This is not only for me, but for US. I’m going into this match better than ever.”

This was a speech that rivals most promos, and I only hope he cuts something similar on TV before long. Sonny Kiss deserves this championship match, he’s improved tenfold since joining AEW and being under the learning tree of men like Dustin Rhodes. He’s going to get a chance to show this on Wednesday when he tears the house down with Cody, and if not just to see homophobes eat their words, I’m personally hoping for a title change.

Do you think Sonny Kiss is going to become TNT Champion this Wednesday at Fight For The Fallen? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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