Speaking Out Calls Out Abuse Of Trust, Millie McKenzie Brings Change

Millie's Story Has Already Brought A Change To Wrestling

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The Speaking Out series will cover the recent revelations in the professional wrestling community regarding grotesque sexual misconduct, manipulation, and abuses of power. Those not in the wrestling community will have their identities protected, and survivors were not contacted for comment to prevent them from having to revisit trauma. The first article in the series can be found here.

On June 18th, while numerous Speaking Out stories were being shared on Twitter professional wrestler Millie McKenzie, who has wrestled throughout Europe and Japan shared her unfortunate experience with Travis Banks. The following tweets are from June 18th and June 19th, all of which detail how Banks abused his position as her trainer to engage in a relationship with the at the time 17-year-old McKenzie.

After the allegations against him, Banks would release a brief statement where he admits to entering a relationship with McKenzie while he was her trainer, and levies equal blame on her for the problems they endured — without acknowledging the position of trust bestowed on him as a trainer.

Travis Banks’ Twitter Response To Millie McKenzie

His damaging and reckless response led to an immediate response from McKenzie, where she detailed exactly why she had nothing to apologize for in the relationship, and how Banks abused his role as a trainer by entering in a relationship with her.

Millie McKenzie’s June 20, 2020 Response To Travis Banks Statement Regarding Her Allegations

Her entire statement reads, “How dare you Travis. [sic] I never hand anything to apologise for. You manipulated your position of power over me. At 17 years of age, I had no idea what a relationship actually entailed. The mental and emotional hurt you put me through is INEXCUSABLE and I am not the only one of your trainees that you’ve done this to. You are a liar, a manipulative person with no conscious and you always believe your [sic] in the right. You are NOT RIGHT. I am not scared of you anymore, you hold no power over me …to all the people that messaged saying they wish they could have done more at the time. PLEASE help me now to create a safe working environment for me again and others. Don’t protect him this time just because he’s your friend.”

Shortly after that thread, Millie would also post a text message exchange with Travis where he found her hotel and demanded to speak with her while intoxicated, after being asked to leave multiple times.

Travis saying versions of, “nobody will love you like I do” is an example of emotional abuse, especially when coupled with his consistent blaming Millie for his alleged pain. Banks would be released by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on June 26, 2020; however, his admitted relationship with McKenize while she was 17 (Banks was 30 at the time) could lead to charges against him.

Under the Children Act 1989 children (those under the age of 18) are granted protections under United Kingdom law. While the Sexual Offences Act 2003 makes it unlawful for adults to abuse positions of trust with a minor. Section 16 of the law under the ‘Abuse of position of trust: sexual activity with a child’ subsection details the specific statue.

1)A person aged 18 or over (A) commits an offence if—
(a)he intentionally touches another person (B),
(b)the touching is sexual,
(c)A is in a position of trust in relation to B,

At this time, it is unknown whether Banks will face legal charges.


If You Would Like To Speak To Someone About Sexual Assualt The Following Resources Are Available

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (United States)

Supportline (United Kingdom)

Reachout.com (Australia)

HELP (New Zealand)


Travis Banks did not respond to an inquiry concerning his abuse of power, refusing to leave Millie McKenzie’s hotel after multiple requests, or his attempts to gaslight her during that exchange.

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