Still Uncertain the Return of Wrestling to CMLL

There are 300,000 reported cases of Covid-19.

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Still Uncertain the Return of Wrestling to CMLL

Last week we reported the probable return of Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) to Mexico City in August. The company said the be prepared for a social distancing show, like the one we saw in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Still, Mexico is still on Orange Health Code during this pandemic.

Here’s how La Razón de México reports this week’s cases:

In a conference, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, indicated that starting tomorrow those neighborhoods where the highest number of cases is counted will be marked in red from the following Wednesday.

The aforementioned, after it disclosed that at least 20 colonies concentrate the majority of assets to the virus, so they will restrict their activities.

The traffic light will be presented every Sunday and the list of the most affected colonies will be released, in order to join efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

La Ciudad de México permanecerá en semáforo anaranjado la próxima semana; sin embargo, tendrá dos indicadores, pues uno de ellos definirá a las colonias por el nivel de contagios de Covid-19 […]

According to the CDMX Open Data page, the colonies with the highest number of infections are concentrated in four municipalities: Ajusco II, in Coyoacán, with 19 cases; November 20, in Venustiano Carranza, with 16; Agrícola Oriental V, in Iztacalco, with 14 and Lomas de la Era, in Álvaro Obregón, with 12.

CMLL’s main show runs in Mexico City. The company has high hopes for the fall, but Mexico’s has been a disaster handling the Virus. Mexico has over 300,000 reported cases and over 35,000 death by Covid-19 – that’s just behind the US with over 135,000 deaths and Brazil with over 70,000.

Here’s how Lucha Blog reports on the CMLL and AAA situation:

Mexico City’s mayor announced the city would remain in the Orange health code this week. No empty arena shows are legally allowed until they reach Yellow, and they have to reach Yellow for four weeks before fans can be allowed back in. That means Mexico City has to move to Yellow a week from today for TripleMania to have fans on 08/22. Dorian Roldan’s previously suggested they’d move the date of the show rather than run with no fans. I don’t think anyone believes TripleMania is happening as scheduled, but next week would confirm it. AAA hasn’t said anything about TripleMania in months, possibly because they’re hoping to announce a new date when they move it from the old one and have little idea of when it’ll be safe to run as the rest of us. They may have to say something on their podcast.

As of right now, is highly dubious any return of CMLL to La Catedral.

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