Su Yung, The Bray Wyatt Of Impact Wrestling 

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Sue Young, The Bray Wyatt Of Impact Wrestling 

All companies, in my opinion, should have a Fiend like being there. Even though the Fiend gimmick was an idea Bray Wyatt had a very long time ago. Su Yung is technically a gimmick before The Fiend as it debuted before it. It should be said though that both of these gimmicks are great and are completely different but do have some similarities in areas. 

The Su Yung gimmick though, does have something the Fiend doesn’t, freedom. The Su Yung gimmick seems to have a lot more freedom compared to the current Fiend. The gimmick isn’t as protected as the Fiend was at the start but the transition from Su Yung The Undead Bride to Susie the calm and innocent girl is a great transaction which we can’t wait to see more of in the future. 

Looking at the current Fiend gimmick, it seems to have kind of gone stale after taking massive losses against Seth Rollins and Goldberg. The feud with Braun Strowman could bring back the Fiend to be the destructive being he once was. 

What makes this Horror monster gimmick so good? 

The Horror monster gimmick is an amazing addition to any roster because it adds a sense of fantasy to the roster. This, although, does annoy a lot of fans. It’s how different this is. It is a very new concept in wrestling and most likely will have many more gimmicks like this in the future. At the minute though, it’s a great addition to any roster as it’s so different. 

Is Abadon the future Horror icon of AEW?

Even though JR isn’t really sure how to push the undead nightmare that is Abadon. After  coming to AEW and getting a surprising win, we haven’t seen much of her yet. Although the atmosphere could be massive when crowds return. It also should be mentioned that she has a huge praise from Kenny Omega himself. The story they could tell through Abadon could be amazing and we could see some great things in the future. 

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