Tetsuya Naito Is Looking For Revenge On EVIL

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Tetsuya Naito Is Looking For Revenge On EVIL

At Dominion of this year, a constant in New Japan Pro Wrestling came again. Tetsuya Naito lost in a big title match in Osaka, in the same building where his first reign as IWGP Heavyweight Champion came to a short end. The same came true again, this time following a betrayal at the end of EVIL.

EVIL was one of the first men to join forces with Naito when he formed the Japanese branch of Los Ingobernables, one of his most trusted friends. The shock of that betrayal combined with the return of Dick Togo was enough to allow EVIL to do what many never imagined, and became both IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Champions.

However, following his first defense of the titles against Hiromu Takahashi, Naito would confront him. EVIL’s rental period on those titles is over, and Naito is coming back for them.

The Likely Main Event Of The Open Air Show In August

The next big show in the New Japan Pro Wrestling calendar is Summer Struggle in Jingu. This is going to be the first show in Jingu Stadium in 21 years, and that show needs a huge main event. Last time, it was The Great Muta vs. The Great Nita (Atushi Onita ) in a No Rope Explosive Barbed Wire Barricade Explosive Land Mine Double Hell Death Match.

While we’re not likely to see that stipulation again, we should see a way for Bullet Club to be subdued at this show. Bullet Club is the reason EVIL won, and then retained his championship. Namely Dick Togo, who was instrumental in both his big wins.

However, if you just take out Togo, someone else will take this place in helping EVIL. It’s not yet clear how this issue will be solved, as Los Ingornables De Japon like to let their members stand alone in matches to prove their power.

Tetsuya Naito Comments From Sengoku Lord

Following Sengoku Lord’s main event, Naito would run to the aid of Hiromu and make the challenge clear when he told EVIL ‘the rental period is over’. He’d catch up with the press following his match as well, where he’d say the following.

“Today’s main event is EVIL vs. Hiromu Takahashi. Who will it be? Either way, my eyes are only on EVIL, right now. Even if Hiromu beats him, that won’t change my plans. Revenge is on my mind, and EVIL is in my sights.”

Will EVIL accept the challenge of Naito for Summer Struggle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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