The Route for Reopening in Mexico for CMLL

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Per Lucha Blog, the state of Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) is a limbo. As we reported today, CMLL had some exhibitions matches behind-closed-doors. 

The problem right now, is, that Mexico City is still on orange light. La Razón CDMX (Reason Mexico City Magazine) reported that things are getting worse, from orange to red. 

Mexico City has 68,000 cases, with at least 8,000 deaths. In Mexico, in general, 465,000 cases have been reported; deaths are 46,000 deaths. (Today at least 639 new deaths.) 

Here’s a preliminary report by Lucha Blog: 

The official story on the return of lucha libre in Mexico City (and the rest of the nation) has been closed shows will be permitted only when the government says the area is in a “Yellow” health condition. Fans were to be allowed to be when it is in “Green” condition. It is unlikely Mexico City will reach Yellow any time soon; they was a report they would move backward from Orange to Red to today, but the Mexico City government instead says they’re staying Orange but in danger of getting worse. Either way, it’s not Yellow and no Mexico state is in Yellow. The unofficial story is those rules only matter if the promotions and the authorities are willing to live by them. There are groups on a low level ignoring those rules where the authorities haven’t been interested in enforcing. Thursday, there was evidence of one of the bigger ones ignoring them as well.

The CMLL exhibition matches are the first step to at least have some live shows. But there’s no much hope. Innovation, like Lucha Libre auto shows, like AAA and Vanguardia Lucha Libre, are the new ways that companies are trying. 

Here’s the future opportunities by Lucha Blog: 

I’m not sure what’s next. Fantasma and/or local authorities could come down hard on CMLL for trying this. Or they could’ve quietly reached an agreement to permit these shows given certain safety measures (like everyone wearing facemasks.) It’d be a dramatic change for these shows to be allowed, but it’s been a year of dramatic changes. CMLL shows taped in an empty Arena Mexico are going to be painfully dry to watch, but they’ll still help fulfill TV contract requirements for new content. CMLL luchadors have traditionally been paid from ticket sales so empty arena shows would require a different concept to pay them, which might be a good thing long term. It’s just a wait to see if CMLL or Fantasma says something about it.

I can understand if people are excited to have CMLL back after such a long break. I can’t get myself there within the current context. All the context: a CMLL promotion that was struggling to be interesting where the best thing going was their crowd. They’ll now be wrestling in a very empty building, during a pandemic. (I’d be shocked if CMLL was at all public about what testing they were doing; we’re going to be stuck hoping a wrestling promotion is doing the correct things and knowing in our hearts that’s rarely true.) I’m sure I’ll watch more than I’ll enjoy because of this blog and not sure I’d otherwise watch more than one show.


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