Vickie Guerrero Has Plans Of Reinvention In AEW

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Vickie Guerrero Has Plans Of Reinvention In AEW

Recently, we saw Vickie Guerrero take a steady on-screen role within All Elite Wrestling. She previously made small appearances for AEW Dark commentary or alongside The Inner Circle, but now she’s the manager of Nyla Rose.

However, while her WWE character was one of the more effective heels in recent memory, Guerrero knows it’s time to reinvent herself.

Vickie Guerrero Is Going To Enjoy Herself

If there is one thing holding AEW away from WWE, and that is the level of freedom talent gets to be creative. Guerrero recognizes this in the AEW landscape, and wants to take advantage of this.

While on her podcast with Gerry Strauss, she would discuss this.

“I don’t want to be the same character that was at WWE coming into AEW. It’s time for me to reinvent myself. I have a new roster and a new playground that will excite me to interact with the different people on the roster. I think that’s going to have me enjoy this a lot more. I’d forgot how exciting and the love I have for inside the ring, just with how gracious Tony Khan was. All the staff and coaches were so welcoming me coming in. It has been a fun ride. I can’t wait for the next time I’m out there.”

Keep The Excuse Me, Reinvent The Rest

While you can understand wanting to do something new and interesting, Guerrero has too good a catchphrase to give it up. Her bellowing “EXCUUUUUUSE ME!” is one of the best heat magnets in all of professional wrestling, and would be enough to make most submit alone. She’s used this in AEW already, and if she keeps anything from her character, it will be that.

Her partnership with Nyla Rose is going to be interesting, they have plenty of ideas and plans. She intends to have a great time in the AEW Women’s division, and you can’t blame her for wanting to have fun.

Do you see Guerrero reinventing herself within AEW? Do you see her joining Nyla Rose to win the coming tag team tounrament? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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