WWE 205 Live Results: Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott & Tony Nese vs. Ever-Rise

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WWE 205 Live Results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott & Tony Nese vs. Ever-Rise

Just one week removed from their epic clash on 205 Live, with respect being earned through battle, Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott & Tony Nese would find themselves as unlikely allies. After Chase Parker prompted the match between Swerve & Matt Martel to end in DQ before stomping Swerve into the mat, Nese would make the save, and the tag team match would become official. Chase Parker would complain about not being ready, despite being dressed to compete in his gear. Could the unlikely allies beat the tag team specialists?

Ever-Rise Give A Lesson In Tag Team Wrestling

After a brief argument on who would start this match, Parker would jump Swerve from behind again, gaining Ever-Rise the advantage right away. They’d go right to work, isolating Swerve in their corner, but a Suplex from Swerve would get him back in control. However, he’d be apprehensive about tagging in Nese, given their history and ignore his waiting hand in the corner.

He’d be shoved into the corner, and Nese would take a blind tag to get into this match. Dropping Parker with a back elbow, he’d take him to the corner and convince Swerve to tag in and hit a double suplex. Starting to gain some trust, Swerve would do so, but lose control to Ever-Rise as they displayed the fundamentals of tag team wrestling. Their timing and chemistry had Swerve on the ropes, with his only way out being Nese.

Tony Nese Gets The Tag

Matt Martel would make his way around the ring, and look to take Nese off the apron. Nese saw him coming and would cartwheel off, before hitting a rolling elbow and getting the tag. Parker would be alone and dropped with a flurry of strikes. Martel came back in the ring only to be thrown out. Nese would dive over the top rope with Parkers head in hand, draping his neck over the rope, and landing on Martel as well, a two for one special!

Not missing a beat, he’d hit a springboard moonsault and get a near fall. Martel would be back in again, and dropped with an enzuguri. Parker would hit a quick Gory Bomb on a gassed Nese. Swerve would make the save before things broke down into a brawl, with Swerve focusing on Martel, allowing the match to continue. Nese would drop Parker with a spinning heel kick, and set him up for the running Nese, then tag in Swerve. Swerve came off the top rope with the double stomp, and this one was through.

This was a well done tag team match, and Swerve & Nese could take the Lorcan & Burch path to being a steady tag team. Will they last as a unit, or will things explode soon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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