WWE 205 Live Results: Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott vs. Matt Martel

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WWE 205 Live Results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott vs. Matt Martel

Hot off his huge win over Tony Nese last week, in one of the best Cruiserweight matches of 2020, Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott wants to keep that momenteum going. To do so, he’s going to look the beat one half of Ever-Rise in Matt Martel. Normally a tag team specialist, Martel will show what singles tricks he’s picked up along the way. Will 205 Live be Swerves House once again, or will it be Ever-Rise-Live?

Matt Martel Was Outmatched Against Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott

While Martel won the opening lockup with a quick arm-drag, his bragging would make it seem like he just won the Royal Rumble. They’d lock up again, and while Swerve shoved Martel off, he’d be dropped with a shoulder tackle. However, he’d be right back on his feet, and hit a quick armdrag before asking “Who’s the hotshot now?” prompting Martel to look for council from Chase Parker at ringside.

Martel would get rough, shoving Swerve in the corner and grinding his forearm into the face of his opponent. Swerve can play this game too, taking Martel down with a double leg for some quick grounded open palm strikes. One impressive show of agility later, and Martel would be flustered. A big chop from Martel would prompt a bigger chop from Swerve. It became very clear that Swerve is very much above his opponent here, and after Martel would be dropped with a running back elbow, a prelude to the diving uppercut, Chase Parker would have seen enough.

Chase Parker Causes A DQ, Tony Nese Makes A Save

Yanking Swerve down onto the rope armpit first, the referee would call for the bell. Swerve wins by DQ, but Ever-Rise would maul him. Tony Nese would rush the ring to save his rival Swerve, running off Ever-Rise, and requesting this be turned into a tag team match. After some arguing betweem Swerve & Nese, it would become official, and be the next match on this card. Now Ever-Rise would be in their element, and could get the biggest win of their 205 Live careers. Beating the potential number one contender and a former champion? That’d be huge.

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