WWE Main Event Results: Shayna Baszler vs. Jessie Kamea

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WWE Main Event Results: Shayna Baszler vs. Jessie Kamea

It has been quite some time since we have seen Shayna Baszler in action with WWE. Her last match was the Money In The Bank match, where she wouldn’t even make it to the roof. However, she’s back and ready to destroy. Making her return on this past episode of Monday Night RAW, she would put the locker room on notice once again, and this week on Main Event, she’ll give a stark reminder on why you don’t mess with Shayna Baslzer. Her opponent (or victim depending on how you look at it) would be WWE Performance Center trainee, Jessi Kamea.

Jessi Kamea Didn’t Stand A Chance Against Shayna Baszler

As soon as the bell rang, it was clear this one wouldn’t last long. She’d win an early lockup, roll the rookie onto the ring and received a condescending kick to the head. Kamea would be shoved into the corner, rolled onto the mat with a snapmare and get another light kick. She’d take Baszler down on the next lockup, kick her in the head and unleash the beast.

They’d run the ropes, but an ankle pick by Baszler left Kamea down, and a kick to the arm would create the target. An arm wringer sent Kamea shoulder first to the mat, and then stomp the elbow. Choosing to not break the arm, she let Kamea get her elbow flat to the mat, instead of stomping on the point. That would have sent a message, but she wasn’t done yet.

Baszler would take Kamea to the middle of the ring and continue to focus on the hurt arm. Good old fashioned catch wrestling would keep Kamea hopeless. A short comeback would last barely five seconds before she’d be taken out with a lariat. Finally, the Kirifuda Clutch would be applied before being taken up for a modified cutter. A huge knee strike and the clutch would be locked in, and this match was done.

Asuka Better Watch Her Back

With this dominant win, it’s clear that Baszler will be gunning for the RAW Women’s Championship again very soon. She previously met Asuka at Elimination Chamber, where she choked her out to win the match and go on to Wrestlemania. Many believed she’d be one of the first feuds for Asuka as champion, but Baszler instead vanished for months. Now that she is back, Asuka might finally have an opponent she won’t be looking past.

Do you think Shayna Baszler will win the RAW Women’s Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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