WWE NXT Great American Bash Results: Keith Lee vs. Adam Cole

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This is easily the biggest match in NXT TV history. We’ve seen defenses of the NXT Championship, and we’ve seen defenses of the NXT North American Championship. Champion vs. Champion matches have also happened, with Pete Dunne & Ricochet once clashing with all the gold on the line between NXT UK Champion and NXT North American Champion, but Adam Cole would get involved in that one and end it in DQ. Now Cole finds himself staring down his biggest challenger yet in Keith Lee, who wants to end the record setting NXT Championship reign, but his title is on the line as well. One man will leave Full Sail draped in gold, but will they be Limitless, or Undisputed?

This Is Going To Be A War

Given the huge stakes in this match, this was going to be a war. No commercial breaks, an electric atmosphere, and two of the best wrestlers in NXT history. After the introductions, they’d get in each others face for some final words, both belts would be raised, and the bell would ring.

Adam Cole would sneak behind Lee and go for a side headlock, with Lee fighting out with relative ease. He’d break the grip by grabbing the hand, with that being enough to bring Cole to his knees. Lee would lift Cole up with ease, still holding the hand. The power advantage was made incredibly clear. Some quick strikes would break the hold, but a single shoulder block would send Cole outside. Lee would rush in, but Cole dodged and Lee would go face first into the plexiglass. This is the advantage of Cole, he’s as crafty and resourceful as they come. He’d use the ringsteps to beat down Lee, before taking him into the ring for a neckbreaker.

Keith Lee Fighting From Underneath

Despite the size and strength advantage, that run into the plexiglass had Lee on the ropes, and Cole wouldn’t give him room to breath. He’d trap the head with his legs, and rain down punches. However, Cole made a mistake by bragging, and giving Lee and opening. He’d be grabbed, but some panicked strikes and another neckbreaker stopped Lee in his tracks. Cole would tease the Last Shot, but Lee would fire back up. This one wasn’t even close to finished.

A pump kick to the face would be ineffective, as Lee grabbed Cole for a massive powerslam for a near fall. The Grizzly Magnum Chop would drop Cole, and Lee would go to the ropes to take out Cole. The knee would be kicked out from underneath him, and a backstabber would get Cole a near fall. Cole tried to go to the top rope, and Lee took him out with a headbutt. Plucking Cole off the apron, he’d hit a deadlift superplex, but take too long to get the pin and only get a two count.

The NXT Champion Is On The Ropes Now

When Cole gets cornered, he gets dangerous. He’d kick the knee of Lee to set up the Last Shot, but be caught in the Spirit Bomb. Cole would survive by a finger, getting just that on the bottom rope to break the pin. He’d roll outside, and when Lee tried to drag him back in, he’d be kicked in the head. Cole would try for a pump kick, but Lee dodged and hit the Pounce, followed by a one armed spinebuster for a near fall. He’d take a moment to catch his breath, and try to climb the ropes again. This time he’d launch a moonsault off the middle rope, with speed and grace not beftting a man his size.

Cole would barely be stirring after this, and Lee would take him up for Big Bang Catasrophe, but Cole slipped off and hit a superkick. Another one would follow, and another, and another. Finally Lee would take a knee, take the Last Shot, and still kick out at two! This is the move that’s put down everyone from Pete Dunne to Daniel Bryan, but he’d need more to drop Keith Lee. Another attempt at the Last Shot would be snuffed out by a huge lariat, sending Cole onto this neck.

Adam Cole Is Running Out Of Moves

They’d both take some time to get to their feet, and Cole would hit a kick to the knee and Panama Sunrise. Surprise, Keith Lee kicks out again. Cole is running out of options to try to stop Keith Lee, as the crowd pounds on the plexiglass in excitement. A few well placed superkicks would put Lee down again, but it’s still not enough.

Cole would expose the knee, and try for one more Last Shot. He’d nail it, but he knew this wasn’t enough. Going to the middle rope, he’d look for Panama Sunrise and yell “Get up Keith”. This would be countered into the Spirit Bomb, and Big Bang Catasrophe would end the 403 day reign of Adam Cole. Keith Lee is the first double champion in NXT history. Bask in his glory.

This was the perfect way for this reign to end, Cole tried everything he had, and it just wasn’t enough. For months now, Keith Lee has been the strongest man in NXT, a true titan. It lacked a bigger crowd, but the people in attendence made enough noise to make up for that. One dominant reign will lead to another now. Who can possibly beat the man who beat the best champion in NXT history? Karrion Kross looked on, and that seems like a good place to start. Will Kross end this reign early? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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