WWE NXT Results: Io Shirai & Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai & Candice LeRae

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Io Shirai has a lot on her plate as the reigning NXT Women’s Champion, having beaten Tegan Nox only for Dakota Kai to kick her in the face. However, Nox & Shirai would find themselves on the same side for a tag team match against Kai & Candice LeRae. With four of the best female wrestlers in the world today in this one, it was sure to be a huge match. Who would walk away with the win to kick off the night? 

No Time For Entrances!

Before Io could even make her way to the ring, Dakota Kai would attack from behind. Nox would be right behind to help her partner, and LeRae would come down to get this one started. Nox & LeRae would start the match properly, with some chain wrestling in the middle of the ring. This would see LeRae get the upper hand briefly, until Nox broke free with strikes.

Shirai & Kai would both be tagged in, with Shirai getting her revenge on Kai with some very hard strikes. Kai would be completely helpless to the assault, until a big Monkey Flip would launch the champion across the ring. This would allow Kai & LeRae to isolate the champion in their corner of the ring. 

Kai would get a near fall following a suplex in the middle of the ring, as Nox would be desperate for the tag. A flapjack would give an opening to make this tag, but she’d prefer to keep on Kai herself. She’d lock in the Lotus Lock in the middle of the ring, with LeRae being all that kept her from losing the match there. 

Io Shirai Cleans House

Shirai & Nox would go for a double suplex, but LeRae would again save her partner before being tagged into the match. Nox would be on the outside and be rammed into the stairs as we went into the commercial break. Through picture in picture, we’d see Nox fight to free herself from the corner of Kai & LeRae, and try to make the tag to Shirai. 

As we came back to the show, Nox would finally break through and tag in in Shirai, a familiar format for tag team matches. It was a headbutt from Nox  that dropped LeRae to open the gates for a tag. Shirai came in like a ball of pure energy, taking Dakota Kai out with her fast paced and high flying action. A springboard dropkick nearly put Kai away. 

Next, Shirai would look for the Tiger Driver, and while that was countered, she’d be hit with a German Suplex. Shirai would set up for the moonsault, but Kai defended against this, and would meet her on the top rope. Kai would be hit with a shot to the throat, falling into the Tree of Woe, and be hit with a double foot stomp, but would kick out at two.

  Nox & Shirai Send Kai & LeRae Packing

LeRae would be tagged in, and just be taken out by a fired up Shirai with the Bullet Train double knees. Shirai would take out Kai on the outside, as Nox would hit LeRae with a Shining Wizard in the ring. This left LeRae in perfect position for a moonsault, allowing the NXT Women’s Champion to get the pin.

This loss does not bode well for Dakota Kai’s hopes at a shot against Io Shirai soon. While she didn’t take the pinfall, a loss is a loss. Do you think Dakota Kai is still next in line for a title shot? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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