WWE Payback PPV Set To Air Week After Summerslam

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WWE is often known for rushing their PPV’s, giving very little build for what should be major shows. Summerslam is getting a major build as one of their biggest yearly events, but the very next Sunday will see another WWE PPV in August. 

WWE Payback is currently set for August 30th, a mere week after the planned date of this year’s Summerslam. What could WWE have planned here?

Likely To Have A Bunch Of Summerslam Rematches

Given that WWE will have two shows to build to Payback, it’s likely to feature lots of repeat matches from Summerslam. At Extreme Rules, we saw lots of questionable finishes in matches, with a great example being Asuka vs. Sasha Banks. Instead of having those rematches happen on RAW or Smackdown, they would simply be able to push them back to a PPV, pushing more people towards WWE Network. 

 It would make for an easy build to this show, and could feature a second clash of Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship amongst other matches like a fourth clash of Braun Strowman & Bray Wyatt.

 This format would fit the name of Payback, and we could see a major angle play out at Summerslam to make for a quick rematch or two needed. 

Keeping Summerslam Smaller With A Network Special

While it’s likely we will see rematches from Summerslam, it could also be smaller matches that aren’t fitting of the major event. WWE has been keeping PPVs short due to the lack of crowds, with them running three hours at most. We could see Summerslam focus on the big title matches, while the tag team championships and midcard titles are defended at Payback instead. 

This planned show could take the form of something like Starcade, a smaller show than the average PPV, but still something special in it’s own right. 

Either way this plays out, it is interesting. It’s not like WWE having to run Backlash after Greatest Royal Rumble, WWE is running all this from a venue they own, meaning there is something planned here. 

Do you see Payback being a full WWE PPV, or a smaller Network special? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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