WWE Raw Live Recap (7/6)

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Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s WWE Raw Live Recap! Thank you for joining us. I’m your host, CP Bialoils, and we’re just about ready to go!

Segment 1

After McIntyre demanded Ziggler name his stipulation, Zigglr brought out Heath Slater.

Aftr a passionate back and forth, Slater convinced McIntyre to give him the match he was promised.

Segment 2

Drew McIntyre vs. Heath Slater

Myintyre Claymored Slater a few secodns into the match for the win, boring a hole into Ziggler the entire time.

After chasing Ziggler away, Mcintyre helped Slater up and they embraced. A new team, maybe?

Asuka teased she has a friend with her to face Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Segment 3

After a brief exchange, Bayley volunteered Sasha Banks for anything Asuka has, so Asuka brought Kairi Sane out. Looks like it’s Banks vs. Sane after the commercial.

Segment 4

Kairi Sane vs. Sasha Banks

It started fast, but Banks started showboating, giving Sana a chance to get back into it and take over as we go to commercial

Segment 5

Banks is in control when we came back, bus Sane quickly took over the match.

Sane had Banks in a variation of the Boston Crab and Bayley interferrred, givign Sane the DQ win.

Outside the ring, Banks and Bayley attacked Asuka, but Sane hit with an Insane Elbow on the Women’s tag team champions.

Before going to commerical, Seth Rollins and Murphey had attacked Aleister Black and officials separated them.

Segment 6

Kevin Owens Show with Seth Rollins

Rollins challenged Rey Mysterio to a match at Extreme Rules, then asked Owens to join him.

Rey came out and accepted, and since Black is hurt, Owens offered his services to Rey in his tag match against Rollins and Murphy. The winner gets to name the match stipulation at Extreme Rules.

Segment 7

Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy

Mysterio and Owens dominate the match early on, and Samoa Joe hinted that Owens would turn on Mysterio and join Rollins.

Segment 8

After Black prevented Rollins from using Dominic as a shield, Rey hist Murphy with a 619 and frogsplash for the pin.

The stipulation is an “Eve for an eve.” Rey promised to tear Rollins’ eye out. Both Rollins and Owens looks shocked. Rollins looked comatose like he did before sacrificing Rey.

Segment 9

MVP and Bobby Lashley unveil the new United States Championship without Apollo Crews there (This is just garbage. The champion should be there, not a challenger.).

Lashley crowns MVP as US CHampion, but Richochet and Cedric Alexander come out to challenge the “Hurt Business.”

Segment 10

Bobby Lashley and MVP vs. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander

A dominiate match that saw MVP and Lashley control throughout ended with a spear from Lashley on Alexander for the pin. Alexander and Ricochet put up a good fight, but they absorbed far more punnishement than they dished out.

Segment 11

Big Show and Viking Raiders vs. Randy Orton, Angel Garza, and Andrade

Big Show and the Viking Warriors dominate early as Garza gets mauled, and there’s further friction when Andrade tagged in.

Orton grabbed Garza and through a combination of threats and strangling him, told Gara to “get your act together?”

Segment 12

The match became more balanced as it went on, before Orton hit the RKO on Erik for the win.

Bisg Show had shrugged off an RKO attempt earlier, and the segment ended with him and Orton glaring at each other.

Segment 13

Ruby Riott vs. Billie Kay

The match went similar to last weel, except Kay won this time with Peyton Royce doing the distracting.

Backstage, Sasha Banks accepted Asuka’s challenge for teh Women’s Tag Team Championship, shocking Bayley.

Segment 14

The match started with Asuka nearly getting the Asuka Lock on early, but the highlights were Nikki Cross at ringside as security had to carry her out after Bayley knocked the headphones off her head.

Segment 15

A good match so far had a handful of near falls before Bayley gained he upper hand, and ushered in the commercial break by putting on Cross’ discarded headphones and doing a quick promo in mid-match.

Segment 16

Asuka won after Sane took out Banks when she tried to intefere. Bayley slipped out of her Asuka Lock, but Asuka rolled her up and pinned her for the win.

Another solid showing that was slightly better than expected, though we still call foul on MVP having the US title belt instead of the unveiling being when Apollo Crews was there.

What do you think of WWE Raw? What was your favorite part?

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