WWE Raw Preview (7/6) – Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio Feud to Continue

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This is one of, if not the best storyline going in the WWE at the moment, and it shows no sign of slowing down before Extreme Rules.

After Seth Rollins and Murphy beat Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black last week, Rollins sent a message to Mysterio by placing the legend’s mask on Carrillo and then stomping him into the steel ring steps.

We doubt we’ll see Rey or Dominic in an actual match until Extreme Rules, but it has been rumored they’ll be on Raw to call out Rollins for his actions toward Black and Carrillo. This should trigger a confrontation between them, and we’re unsure if Carrillo and Black will be there to help Dominic and Rey against Rollins, Murphy, and Austin Theory.

Time to take some lumps

After a couple of near misses over the last few weeks, we feel it’s time for Rollins to really get a hold of Dominic. It’s been the basic story fodder for the last year where Rey’s involved, and Rollins injuring Dominic would give him so much heat in the continuing buildup to Extreme Rules, it’d make his and Rey’s match a must see for sure.

Of course, this won’t go over well with fans as Dominic is Rey’s son and many view him as just a kid. That’s part of the reason it’d work to put Rollins over huge in this storyline and give Rey and chance to really shine at Extreme Rules.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Rollins could further injure Rey, forcing a match between him and Dominic. It’d give the Monday Night Messiah a chance to get Dominic where he wants him and attempt to sacrifice him once again.

This one could be done with a six man tag team match, but most likely we think Rey or Dominic will face Rollins one on one, with Murphy and Theory possibly taking on Black and Carrillo at Extreme Rules.

While it’s still hot, this feud is getting dangerously close to the point where Kevin Owens and Rollins’ feud was at WrestleMania. It’s hard to know exactly how long something should be drawn out, especially when fans aren’t there to let them know what they think. But in this case, it may be in the WWE’s best interest to end this storyline at Extreme Rules and have Rollins and Mysterio go their separate ways afterwards. This makes the most sense to us, but never say never.

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