WWE Smackdown Recap (7/3) – Sheamus toasts Jeff Hardy

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WWE Smackdown Recap (7/3) - Sheamus toasts Jeff Hardy

We come back from the commercial break with a full bar set out in the ring, and Jeff Hardy then comes out without music, which is another curious oddity for the night.

Once in the ring, Jeff calls Sheamus out to get it over with. He’s obviously tired of these games, and it makes us wonder how much of that frustration is coming from having to do this storyline or acting or both. It’s been well documented how his brother and sister-in-law feel about this angle, and it’s hard to imagine Jeff is enjoying it.

Sheamus replies through the titantron, where he’s comfy and safe at a makeshift bar of his own, and says he wanted to give Hardy some space. He also said it must’ve felt fantastic when he defended the Undertaker, to feel like he belongs again, but he called it a quick fix.

Sheamus is clear in saying he isn’t talking about Jeff’s problems with drugs and alcohol over the years, but his problem with reality and how he had to stick his nose in someone else’s business to geta quick pick me up and feel good.

Sheamus mocks him by saying Hardy is lying to himself by thinking this time in going to be different. She says the answer is in one of the buckets on the table. Sheamus added a craptastically mocking toast.

Jeff breaks

Jeff responds by calling Sheamus the sickest person her ever met, and asked him if this was funny to him to mock the troubles that everyone deals with daily, if it’s funny to him to humiliate him and his family.

Sheamus continues to claim he’s his friend and is trying to help by getting Jeff to jump off the wagon the bartender holds a glass out to Jeff while wearing an arrogant smile. Sheamus asks for Jeff to follow his instincts, and he nearly does, but then pours the glass of champagne over the bartender’s head instead. When the man’s brushing off his shirt, Jeff hit him with a bottle from behind, then hit him with a swanton bomb from the top rope.

Now, Jeff’s music starts.

This was just… bad. It felt like a super weak way to end what was a decent episode and really did nothing substantial to further Sheamus and Jeff Hardy’s feud.

Our thinking is something may have gotten lost through edits since this segment was originally scheduled for last week. What you think of this storyline?

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