AEW Deadly Draw Tournament: Anna Jay & Tay Conti vs. Diamante & Ivelisse

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AEW Deadly Draw Tournament: Anna Jay & Tay Conti vs. Diamante & Ivelisse

The Nightmare Sisters are the first team to make it to the finals. Two teams remain, but after this match we will know the finals. Diamante & Ivelisse are facing the odd duo of Dark Orders Anna Jay & former NXT Star Tay Conti. Who would advance?

Anna Jay Shows Potential, Diamante Shows Experience

Conti would start off face to face with Ivelisse, and they would trade strikes early. The martial arts abilities of Conti came into play early, with her getting the upper hand on strikes and almost applying an armbar early. Ivelisse would stomp the face and prevent the hold, then getting caught up in another armbar in the ropes.

Anna Jay would tag in, alongside Diamante, with Jay dropping her opponent with a shoulder tackle and a hip toss. Jay was on fire in this match, showing some hard strikes and a level of skill far beyond her skill level.

The veteran Diamante knew that a thumb to the eye would even the odds however, and did exactly that, not afraid to take these shortcuts. This would get her team the control, as Anna Jay would be isolated. Ivelisse would hit a flatliner for a two count, then get on top for some hard strikes.

Ivelisse Isolates Anna Jay

Jay would be sent back into the corner, and the two on one assault would give her a beating. The inexperience of Jay would shine through now, as the two hard hitting veterans would punish her. A stiff kick from Ivelisse on the apron followed by a snap suplex in the ring from Diamante would get another near fall.

Jay would be trapped in a cravate, and knees would be thrown into her face before being dropped again. She’d try to fight out, but another Flatliner would drop her. A double underhook submission would be applied, but Jay fought out again and dropped Ivelisse with a dropkick.

Jay would crawl to the corner, and finally get Conti back into this match. Conti would fire off deadly strikes and use her judo skills to take on both opponents, dropping Diamante with a very hard knee to the face. Ivelisse had to save the pin, and all four women would be in the ring and exchanging strikes. Jay would be sent to the outside, and an assisted Sliced Bread would finish Tay Conti.

The finals are now set, with Nightmare Sisters facing Ivelisse & Diamante. Who will leave Dynamite with the Women’s Tag Team Cup? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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