AEW Deadly Draw Tournament: Anna Jay & Tay Conti vs. Nyla Rose & Ariane Andrew

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The first team that was set for this tournament was Nyla Rose & the ex-WWE star Ariane Andrew (previously Cameron in WWE). They will face Dark Order member Anna Jay, and ex-NXT star Tay Conti. With two debutting names in this match, a former champion, and a member of a cult, it certainly will not be boring.

Anna Jay would be flanked by the entire Dark Order for her entrance, but they left her alone to handle the match. You have to give the edge to the team containing Nyla Rose, who has won tag matches without a partner’s help in the past.

Nyla Rose Shows Effortless Power

Andrew & Jay would start this match, with Andrew offering a handshake to start. Jay would decline and eat a big slap, before being run down with a big shoulder tackle. However, despite being the least experienced woman in the match, she’d show some fight before being dropped once again.

A running knee from Andrew got a near fall, but Rose wasn’t accepting a tag. Jay would take advantage with a roll up and tag in Conti, who showed great fire in beating Andrew down. Rose now showing concern would come in and chokeslam both women.

Conti would be absolutely ran through by Rose at this point, and a fearless expression would ensure she wasn’t overwhelmed. The martial arts background of Conti would come into play, as she cut Rose down to size and made a tag as fast as possible.

Anna Jay & Tay Conti Target The Leg

Jay would be caught with a Tilt-A-Whirl slam, but only get a two count. A lariat would be a similar story, before Andrew would be tagged in to beat down a weakened Jay.

A spinning Facebuster followed by a series of pinfalls would frustrate Andrew, who tagged in Rose. Once again, Rose would be cut down to size as a focus on the left leg would show a weakness in the Native Beast.

Tay Conti would brutalize the left leg even more, trapping her in a kneebar using the rope for leverage, using all of the referees 5 count. It’s rare to see Rose in this much trouble, but Andrew might have to save this one. A Samoan Drop out of nowhere would give Rose a chance to make the tag, but she was barely able to stand.

Anna Jay & Tay Conti Overcome A Favorite Team

Andrew would come in and hit a headscissors on Conti to take control, followed by a wheelbarrow bulldog and a flatliner. Jay would make the save, and Rose would limp in to save her partner from a double suplex and drop both with a double lariat before rolling back outside.

A snap suplex into a leg drop from Andrew would look to end this one, but she missed a tag to Jay, who ran in with a rolling neckbreaker for the win!

This takes a favorite team out of contention early on, with Nyla Rose being removed and the weaker link taken out. Anna Jay & Tay Conti proved to be a great unit in this one, and could go far in this one. Following the match, Rose would attack her partner, mad about losing so early.

Will Jay & Conti be potential winners? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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