AEW Dynamite Results: Big Swole vs. An Opponent Of Britt Bakers Choosing

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Despite being currently on the shelf due to injury, Britt Baker has remained a constant presence in AEW. The Roll Model herself has been picking a fight with Big Swole as of late, even going as far as having her suspended for harassing her on the sidelines.

However, tonight Big Swole gets back into the ring at the request of Britt Baker, with Baker herself choosing the opponent. Who would Big Swole have to overcome?

Big Swoles Opponent Is Reba

Big Swole will face Reba this week, the assistant of Britt Baker. She’d have trouble even getting into the ring, and this wouldn’t be a hard match for Swole who is back from her suspension. That suspension was brought on for kidnapping Britt Baker, a very serious offense.

Reba is an experienced wrestler with over 100 matches, but it’s been awhile since she wrestled and isn’t even in her gear. Swole would drop her with a headlock takeover, and Reba managed to get Swole into a hammerlock, before having it turned around on her and taking a forearm shot to the back of the head.

Swole would yell at Baker at ringside, allowing Reba to take control with a suplex, followed by a slow back spin kick in the corner. Reba would go up for a moonsault, and miss completely. Swole nailed the Dirty Dancing rolling elbow for the easy win.

Big Swole Wants Britt Baker

This match was essentially just a prelude to Swole getting a one on one match with Baker, and this win would ensure she gets that match once Baker is cleared to compete. Considering Baker is in a wheelchair at ringside still, that will still be a ways off yet.

Baker vs. Swole would normally not feel like a big match, but AEW has done a damn fine job building it up to feel like one. While a few months ago it would feel suited to AEW Dark, now it feels like something that would fit onto the card for All Out. Both ladies have played their roles great.

Who will win their eventual clash? Big Swole or Britt Baker? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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