AEW Dynamite Results: The Elite & FTR vs. The Dark Order

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In the first 12 man tag in AEW history, we will see some of the best in the company go to war. On one side, we have a united front of the Dark Order, lead into battle by Mr. Brodie Lee himself, alongside Evil Uno, Stu Greyson, Colt Cabana, Nine and Five.

Opposing them are The Elite members Matt & Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, as well as Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler of FTR. While they have all been on the same page so far, there is a growing gap between the AEW Tag Team Champions, which is being grown by Page seeming to prefer FTR. Could The Elite & FTR stay united against the Dark Order?

A Frantic Pace To Start The Show

The show would open with all twelve men already in the ring, ready to get this fight started. Brodie Lee would start alongside Nick Jackson, and they would both show off their agility. Matt would tag in blindly, and they would take advantage of Brodie Lee before being run through with a double lariat.

Nine would tag in, but Young Bucks wouldn’t give him much room to breath. He’d scale the ropes, but Nick would catch him with a hurricanrana. FTR would come into the match and start on Five, working well alongside Hangman Page. Everyone would seem to get along, with the AEW Tag Team Champions nearly winning the match before Greyson & Uno broke the pin up.

FTR would save Page from a Double Suplex, Omega came in with a knee as well. The four men would hit a suplex to three men, but Colt Cabana would break the pin up. Omega would chase Cabana around and run into a superkick from Brodie Lee.

Omega would be beaten down by the Dark Order, getting isolated by Uno & Greyson. Five would tag in and this isolation would be broken, with Harwood coming in with his brawling style.

Kenny Omega Is Left Alone

FTR would show their impeccable team work, and Five wouldn’t stand much of a chance. An inside cradle on Hangman would nearly get the pinfall, with Greyson coming in soon. However, The Elite would take him out, and Evil Uno would come next, with Five soon after.

Nick Jackson would then dive off the top rope and take out the remaining men in the match. Five would be hit with a backbreaker assisted by an elbow drop, but Harwood would hurt himself coming down. Omega would come in and hit the Dr. Wily Bomb. However, The Elite & Cash Wheeler would be focused on helping Harwood, while Omega would face the entire Dark Order.

Hangman Page would leave with FTR, making this effectively 6 on 3, Dark Order vs. the core of The Elite.

Showing Why They’re Elite, Dark Order Is Oppressive

Matt Jackson would be taken out by Brodie Lee, and Uno & Greyson would hit an assisted powerbomb. The massive numbers advantage would ensure Matt would be beat down. Cabana would hit a big splash off the middle rope for a near fall.

Matt would fight back, but a neckbreaker from Uno would stop him in place. Brodie Lee would get hit by Omega, and Omega would be taken out with ease. Greyson would be taken out with a shoulder to the post. Matt would get Five with a cutter, but Uno prevented the tag.

An assisted release suplex would drop Nick on the outside, and Matt would get a final burst and try to take out the entire Dark Order, but when there was no one to tag, Hangman Page was back!

The Difference Maker

Fresh from the back, Hangman Page would clean house. Five was the legal member of Dark Order, and he’d be dropped on the apron by Page, who then looked for a moonsault to the outside which took out everyone but Brodie Lee.

Page would hand Five over for a tag, and look for a one on one encounter with The Exalted One. They would exchange in the middle of the ring, with no clear advantage until Dark Order helped their leader. Uno would be tagged in, followed by Cabana.

Colt Cabana would drop Page across the top rope with the Chicago Skyline, but Omega saved it. The AEW Tag Team Champions would be taken out with a rolling senton from Uno and a 450 from Greyson, but Hangman still kicked out!

A discus lariat attempt from Brodie Lee would be met with a Superkick Party, followed by a Snapdragon with two more superkicks. Hangman Page would look for the Buckshot Lariat and nearly get his own partner, before being beheaded by a lariat from Brodie Lee for the win.

This was pure chaos, but still managed to tell a story. Page leaving with FTR almost cost his team the win, and while he came back to try and play hero, he failed. If he had stayed and fought with The Elite, they might have still had a chance, but the moment they lost the numbers game that badly, it was as good as done.

Will this be what finally brings the end of Hangman Page & Kenny Omega? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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