AEW Heels Has Hit Some Controversy 

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AEW Heels was announced a month or two back now but wasn’t actually fully announced due to the fact it didn’t really explain what it is. Now the Heels initiative has been launched and we have details of what it actually will be. The Heels initiative will be a place for women who enjoy wrestling to come together in a safe forum that would be simple.

It’s a female-forward movement, designed to celebrate and inspire female fans around the world. That being said, it’s the $50 price tag that has caused a bit of store but that’s not the full reason.

The price tag does grant you access to exclusive events including virtual meet-and-greets, video conference discussions with industry experts and Q&A sessions with AEW talent.

The controversy 

It has been attacked by fans of AEW saying that AEW already has a platform for the female division. This being the 2 hour show that hasn’t really had that much focus on the women’s roster. That being said though it has felt some rise in quality over the last week.

This new subscription for AEW has sparked more criticism of the failed booking of the women’s roster. AEW Heels could be a great thought in the future although at the minute it feels like it has just started. 

The lack of effort put into the women’s roster 

There have been some great improvements to the women’s roster. The roster though can only be as good as its champion and current Hikaru Shida doesn’t even have a feud going for the next PPV. Big Swole and Britt Baker are having a decent feud at the moment that does kind of make up for it.

The lack of feuds with the champion though can’t be overlooked. Then there’s the tag team tournament that is having its own time on YouTube rather than the actually show. This could be argued that they are testing the waters for the future but its been over a year now and their men’s roster is amazingly booked.

The women’s roster doesn’t seem to be getting enough attention. This is definitely not the fault of the women’s roster it’s still the lack of feuds and needs time to evolve.

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