AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Results: Mr. Brodie Lee vs. Cody Rhodes [TNT Championship Match]

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AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Results: Mr. Brodie Lee vs. Cody Rhodes [TNT Championship Match]

Cody Rhodes has already made the TNT Championship a valuable prize with his excellent first run setting the standard, but all good things must come to an end. Mr. Brodie Lee, exalted one of the Dark Order has answered the open challenge, and the clock is ticking for the end of this reign.

Cody has been defending at a frantic pace, already nearing double digits since winning it a few months ago. This is in addition to working behind the scenes, fatigue starting to stack up. Meanwhile, Brodie Lee has been involved mostly in tag team matches, keeping himself very nice and healthy. Will this be the end for Cody as TNT Champion, or would he pull through once again in a showcase of sheer willpower?

Brodie Lee came to this match without the Dark Order by this side, a show of confidence. Meanwhile Cody would have Arn Anderson in his corner like always, getting his trademark big entrance. He’s confident with twelve straight wins in Dynamite, being unbeatable lately. The belt would be raised, and this match would be ready to start.

Brodie Lee Runs Through Cody Rhodes

Rhodes ran in quick with an offensive flurry, but would be dropped by a running dropkick by Brodie Lee. Lee would lift him up and scoop slam him over the top rope. Pursuing his opponent, Lee would run Rhodes through with a big boot on the outside, sending him over the barricade. Rhodes was on the ropes early, that initial attack pissing off Brodie Lee.

A half & half suplex would send Rhodes across the ring, and a release German Suplex would follow this. Lee went for a powerbomb, and Rhodes slipped out only to be hit with two superkicks, getting a near fall after the second one. Arn would give him some advice, but he’d be just dropped with a powerbomb a few seconds later.

Another powerbomb would follow this, and Rhodes was all but done. One big discuss lariat later, and we have a new TNT Champion. This was a complete squash, running through Cody Rhodes like it was nothing. There was very little offense from Rhodes in this one outside a few strikes at the start, with this match resembling Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena.

The Attack Continues

Dark Order would come celebrate with our new TNT Champion, and Brodie Lee would claim that no one believed they could do this, and now he’s a problem for AEW. With championships come power, and this is just the start. Rhodes would be stretchered out after that vicious beatdown, having never been beaten this bad in his career.

Arn Anderson would be the next man attacked, being beaten down by Mr. Brodie Lee. Dustin Rhodes would be drug out from the back, and Cody pushed off his stretcher. Brandi Rhodes came out to protect her husband, forgetting Dark Order had Anna Jay in their ranks who would gladly choke her out. Dark Order has torn the Rhodes Family to shreds, and this is far from over.

How will Cody Rhodes bounce back from this massive loss? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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