AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Results: Nightmare Sisters vs. Diamante & Iveliesse

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AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Results: Nightmare Sisters vs. Diamante & Iveliesse

The Deadly Draw tournament is drawing to a close, and only two teams remain out of a field out eight. On one side, we have the team of Brandi Rhodes & Allie, the first women’s tag team in AEW to gain any traction. Opposing them is the tough duo of Diamante & Iveliesse. Only one team can be the winner of the cup, who would it be?

Nightmare Sisters Show Their Chemistry

Action would start with Rhodes & Iveliesse, with Iveliesse getting the upper hand early, grabbing the arm. Rhodes would slip out of the hold and get a quick pinfall attempt, finding time to taunt. A back elbow would rock Rhodes, and Diamante would be tagged in, allowing some double team knee strikes. She’d scurry back to her corner, with Allie needing to get this one back in control for her team.

Diamante would prove to be hard to crack, hitting an armdrag, she’d grab the arm but be thrown out of the ring as we went to a commercial break. During the break, Rhodes would kick her opponent in the head on the outside, allowing Allie to get control. Diamante would be isolated throughout, desperate to tag her partner. Quick tags in and out show their chemistry, and Rhodes would get a near fall after a pump kick.

Allie would be tagged back in and hti a sliding lariat, and then prop Diamante up in her teams corner. She’d fight her way out, and hit a tornado snap suplex, giving her an opening to make the tag. Ivelisse would be on fire after getting back into this match, and hit a flatliner on Rhodes, followed by an STO for a near fall.

Diamante & Iveliesse Isolate Allie

Rhodes would break free and nail a big spear on Diamante, allowing Allie to hit her finisher ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’, but Ivelisse was right there to make the save. She’d regain control until a running back elbow would drop her. Diamante & Iveliesse looked for their assisted Sliced Bread finisher, with QT Marshall distracting and being sent to the outside. Rhodes would try to save the situation, but be dumped onto Marshall.

Allie would be hit with a stunner, a roll through snapmare and a hard shot to the face and this one was done. Diamante & Ivelisse are the winners of the first AEW Women’s Cup. They were the best team in this tournament, and two very promising members of the AEW Women’s division.

Did you expect Diamante & Iveliesse to win this tournament? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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