AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Results: Orange Cassidy’s First In Ring Interview

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AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Results: Orange Cassidy's First In Ring Interview

It is a damn good time to be Orange Cassidy in All Elite Wrestling. He just got the biggest win of his career when he beat Chris Jericho, even beating him in a debate the week before their second clash. One of the most popular stars in the company, The King Of Sloth Style would find the spotlight on him once again, as he has his first in ring interview in AEW.

Orange Cassidy Speaks With Tony Schiavonne

OC would be joined by Best Friend on their way to the ring, and this would be a great chance for an interview. He’d be asked about the biggest win of his career, and not have much to say. Thankfully someone with plenty to say would show up, as Chris Jericho would make his way to the ring, and he’s been into the bubbly this evening.

Jericho would congratulate him on his victory, saying it’s rare he loses in AEW. Only three men have beat him since Dynamite started, and while he’s embarrassed by this loss, he’s also proud. He’s proud that he’s learned from Jericho, these matches with Jericho have made him a star. They are now one one, and a third match will be needed to see who the better man truly is.

Chris Jericho Challenges OC For All Out

They’ve had two ordinary matches, and they’ve both been great matches. Jericho wants their third match to be on another level. He’s a genius who came up with one of the best gimmick matches ever in Money in The Bank, and has another idea. OC is all about Orange Juice, Jericho is all about the bubbly, and this makes the Mimosa Mayhem Match.

This is a match, where the goal is to win by pinfall, submission, or thrown into a giant tank of Mimosa at ringside, made with 100L of Orange Juice & 500 cases of Jericho’s Bubbly. Can’t say this has ever been done in wrestling before, and it could happen at All Out. Orange Cassidy would flash a thumbs up, and the final match of this saga is set.

Inner Circle would storm the ring and surround OC & The Best Friends, and it would be a five on three battle, meaning Inner Circle wins this fight.OC would be doused in several bottles of bubbly, being absolutely humiliated. Who will win at All Out? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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