After The Fiend Attacked Alexia Bliss Is A Heel Turn Imminent? 

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Everyone was shocked last week when the Fiend attacked Alexa Bliss. We have to speculate what will be the next move for Alexia Bliss. It already looks like her and Nikki Cross looking like they’re breaking up and now with this, what’s going to happen to Bliss next?

Before joining Nikki Cross, she was out on injury and since then, she hasn’t really bounced back to one of the best in the company. Now could be her time to make a massive come back. 

Is it just to get at Braun? 

This does seem like a way to get at Braun Strowman. With her appearance in the Swamp match as well. Even though that was a very tacked on storyline that took place between Alexia and Braun back in the Mixed Match Challenge and never came to anything.

This small story that took place a while back has unearthed itself. It does really prove the freedom and detail used in the stories surrounding The Fiend. Maybe, if they did this, in every part of the card, the ratings wouldn’t be dropping across the board. 

It has happened before…

The Fiend has turned wrestlers’ heels in the past and it brought out the best of many stars. This includes Finn Balor and Seth Rollins and since then they’ve been one of the best runs in WWE. Could Alexa Bliss get the same treatment.

Alexa Bliss has had a very good heel run in the past and her returning could be great. Even though arguably, there could be a lack of faces in the Women’s roster as a lot of them are heels. That being said, a heel turn for Alexa Bliss could be very entertaining. 

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