All Set for Espíritu Pro Wrestling Dojo in Puerto Rico

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Development wrestling promotion, Espíritu Pro Wrestling Dojo finally released their matches for their event, Exhibición de Fuerza. Due to the pandemic, the promotion decided to record a private event in its facilities and present it on social networks (with a low payment to access this event).

Androide 787 Yaide
Exhibición de Fuerza: Androide 787 vs. Yaide

The first two matches of the event feature the new Blood of EspírituPro Wrestling Dojo. First, Android 787 is going up against Yaide. Android is a project in development, quite crude, but with immense agility in its arsenal. Meanwhile, Yaide has become one of the young promises of women’s wrestling on the island. 

Samuel Olmo Edrax Alfredo Meljies Adam Rigs
Exhibición de Fuerza: Samuel Olmo vs. Edrax vs. Alfredo Meljies vs. Adam Rigs

The second encounter is a fatal four-way between Samuel Olmo, Edrax, Alfredo Mejies, and Adam Rigs. Of the four, Olmo has recently stood out. As a talented athlete, his ability in the ring is increasingly sharpened and improved. Edrax is impressive, due to how fast he has been able to adapt to the ring and their good fundamentals. Rigs also showed promise, since Mark Davison once showed that he could have a good wrestling match with him. Alfredo is the least known, so his work at the event will be important for future matches. 

El Gentil Manú
Exhibición de Fuerza: El Gentil vs. Manú

El Gentil versus “The Athlete”, Manú, promises to be the show-stealer. This was basically the final of the Championship Tournament at Pena Capital for the former World Wrestling League (WWL). Manú turned against his teacher (Gentil) and since then has not looked back. His physique increasingly becomes impressive and people love his character. It remains to be seen if the bad habit of fighting more with the fans than with the luchadors has gone away, given that there is no one here to yell at on the outskirts.

Gentil suffered several defeats after losing to Manú. Every time the two meet, the fight gets out of hand. Gentil is probably one of the best technical wrestlers on the island, emulating the styles of British wrestling and Europe in general.

Mike Mendoza Mark Davidson
Exhibición de Fuerza: Mike Mendoza vs. Mark Davidson

Finally, in a never before seen or performed match, Mike Mendoza faces Mark Davidson. Both come from a great year in 2019 but have lost their titles. They both have an unparalleled work ethic. Davidson, every day, becomes one of the great promises of the island. Mendoza is already an established talent, having been and being, the face of La Liga Wrestling. The match will have the modern Strong-Style style, which has identified the Espíritu Pro Wrestling. Without a doubt, a phenomenal meeting. 

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