Anthony Greene Signs With WWE NXT

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Leon Ruff is not the only man to have gained a WWE contract through the acquisition of Evolve Wrestling. Anthony Greene (not to be mistaken with Circa Survive & Saosin vocalist Anthony Green) has now been signed to a WWE contract. His signing was first reported by SportsKeeda.

Who Is Anthony Greene?

The 26-year old was a mainstay in the Northeast independant scene for several years, starting his own promotion in Zero1 USA Northeast in 2019. Around December of 2018 he would start working with Evolve up until their last show, where we would lose a match to WWE talent Mansoor. You can catch a glimpse of what Green is capable of between the ropes as he and Josh Briggs opened the 10th Anniversary show which aired on WWE Network.

Evolve Wrestling is set to have shows uploaded to WWE Network soon, so we should be able to have easy access to more of what Greene is capable of very soon. As of earlier this week, WWE reports indicate that content from Evolve & Progress is being prepared for the WWE Network, likely removing copyrighted music and whatnot.

Greene Will Find A Home In NXT

Taking the nickname ‘Retro’ Anthony Greene will bring a unique look to the NXT roster. Looking like he just crawled out of the 1980’s, complete with a loud personality to match. He wasn’t born to be a huge athlete or supermodel, but he’s wanting to become one of the top wrestlers in the world.

We could see him debutted very quickly on NXT as he’s an experienced star who has all the skills for TV. If they don’t want to push him as a singles star, they could always pluck Rik Bugez from the crowd who has a similar aesthetic and have another team for a lacking tag team division. Fans have been clamouring for Bugez to get back on TV, and this would be an excellent role for the heavy metal muscleman. 

Greene, much like Leon Ruff, isn’t a signing like that of a Keith Lee. They’re more quiet investments, men who are still a few years away from their peak. They need some polish, but they will shine bright once given the chance.

Do you see ‘Retro’ Anthony Greene fitting in well on NXT? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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