Big E Feels WWE Made Right Choice Picking Roman Reigns Over Him

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Right now in WWE, the powerhouse of The New Day is getting a singles spotlight for the first time since his days as WWE Intercontinental Champion. However, in an alternate universe he became the top star of WWE, the face of the company, should rumors be believed.

Big E always had the make of a top star, and he has been someone who gets a constant spotlight as part of The New Day, but he could have had Roman Reigns spot! In the end, we know how this went, and Big E feels that WWE made the right choice.

Big E Thinks Roman Reigns Makes Sense As The Top Name In WWE

While speaking with Matty Paddock of talkSPORT, he’d be asked about Roman Reigns being chosen over him, and if there was truth to these rumors.

“There was a point – and I don’t know if this was a thing – but there was a rumour that the choice was between me and Roman and they were kind of deciding [who to push]. To me, Roman made so much sense – look at him! You can say what you want about him, but look at the guy. I’ve been in the ring with him and he’s incredible, he gets so much love. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say ‘I didn’t enjoy working with him’ or ‘I didn’t think he was good in the ring.’ If you’ve been in the ring with Roman, you know he deserves the spot he got! Now I feel so much more comfortable as a performer, as a promo and in my character – and unabashedly being myself. I feel capable of being whatever this run is going to be.”

Big E is ready to be a top star now, but back in 2015 he wouldn’t have exactly been as ready. You can argue Roman wasn’t ready either at the time, but he proved himself over the past five years, despite a constant mixed reaction from the fanbase. Big E was more constantly popular, as fans viewed him as an overlooked talent.

Do you think WWE made the right choice putting Roman Reigns as their top star over Big E? Would he have adapted to the role just as good as Roman had? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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