Braun Strowman Declares He Never Spoke With AEW

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When it comes to people who feel like they will be with WWE for their entire careers, Braun Strowman is someone who comes to mind. He got this start in professional wrestling training at the WWE Performance Center, was quickly put into The Wyatt Family before he was ready, and has grown into an excellent hoss style wrestler. Braun is currently enjoying his first reign as Universal Champion, and is set to defend against The Fiend at Summerslam.

However, around the start of AEW Dynamite, there were rumors Strowman was set to jump ship to the new company to help kick off their brand new show in a huge way. He is now denying that he ever spoke with the new wrestling startup, putting an end to year old rumors. This was done on Instagram, where he’d show a news piece claiming that every WWE star talked with AEW, with Strowman insisting that he didn’t

Many Felt Braun Strowman Could Have Been AEW’s Lex Luger

One of the most iconic moments of the Monday Night Wars came from the very first episode, when Lex Luger would stroll into the Mall Of America during the debut episode of WCW Monday Nitro. This got people talking about the show in droves, as it was assumed he was still with WWF at that time.

With AEW Dynamite debuting on the same network as WCW Monday Nitro, it was easily assumed that they would pull a similar angle with someone like Braun Strowman, who’s contract would be expiring around that time anyways. This was obviously not the case, and the plan was for Gallows & Anderson to be this shocking reveal. That also didn’t pan out, and the only surprise name showing up was Jake Hager, which fell pretty flat all things considered.

Strowman in AEW might have felt huge, as they are a company which has proven to be good at playing to a wrestlers strengths. Even still, his WWE career is working out very well for him, with him being projected to be a long term main event player in the company, having won both the Intercontinental and Universal Championships this year, and being one of few men to pin Goldberg cleanly.

Do you think Strowman would have been better off in All Elite Wrestling, or did he make the right choice in sticking with WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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