Charlotte Flair Likely Out Of WWE For The Rest Of 2020

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Charlotte Flair Likely Out Of WWE For The Rest Of 2020

Right now there is a gap in the WWE Women’s division, where Charlotte Flair used to reside. Earlier this year, you couldn’t tune into WWE programming without being graced by her presence, with her showing up on RAW, Smackdown & NXT as one of the top stars of each brand. However, after losing the NXT Women’s Championship to Io Shirai, she’d take some time off TV.

Now, as per her father, the legendary Ric Flair, we won’t be seeing her on TV again until at least 2021.

Ric Flair Thinks Charlotte Flair Will Likely Be Out For A Year Recovering

While on the WrestleInc Daily Podcast, Ric Flair would be asked about the status of his daughter. Charlotte took time off to get surgery. Flair would say the following:

“She’s fine, but this time she knows, and her personal physician and the company doctors have reinforced it, that she can’t hurry the process. Otherwise, we’re going to be right back. With the stuff that she does, the moonsaults and the way she lands and takes knees and everything, she’s got to be 100%. And she will be. So she’ll be fine just has to be patient and heal. The rotator cuffs, you got to let those heal. You gotta let the knees heal, and I got to remind her sometimes like Seth was off for a year. She’s likely out for a year. It’s not the end. You’ll come back.”

You Can’t Miss Someone Who Doesn’t Leave

This will be a positive in the end for Charlotte Flair, who despite being one of the best wrestlers in WWE regardless of gender, fans are getting rather sick of. She’s constantly in the spotlight of whatever show she is on, winning championships at a rapid rate. Taking this time away will both enable her to come back 100% healthy, and to have fans miss her.

A Royal Rumble return might be high expectations given the potential year off, but is something fans will expect around January. It’s the biggest time to make a return, only matched by the night after Wrestlemania after all.

When do you expect to see Charlotte Flair back? Will fans be happy to see her back? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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