Chris Jericho Sees The Potential Of Matt Cardona In AEW

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Chris Jericho is still the biggest name All Elite Wrestling has on their roster, but one of their newer faces has his support. Matt Cardona (formerly Zack Ryder) is going to make his in-ring debut on the next episode of Dynamite, teaming with Cody Rhodes against the Dark Order. The former AEW World Heavyweight Champion would share his thoughts on Cardona joining AEW during his Saturday Night Special live stream.

Chris Jericho Is Excited To See What Cardona Is Capable Of

AEW is the first place Cardona made his debut following his WWE release earlier this year due to budget cuts. Jericho would say the following about his debut.

“I told Matt Cardona like five years ago maybe eight years ago to get the hell out of WWE because there comes a time where you can’t be a punching bag anymore because he’s far too good for that.

He looks like a million bucks, he knows how to work, he’s very solid in the ring, he’s very good creative, he just needs some confidence and a chance. I’m really excited that Cody and Tony Khan decided to give him a shot.

I know I would love to work with him. I don’t want any more of this Long Island Iced Z bullshit, it’s gone. It’s like the first night that Jake Hager was in AEW and the people were chanting ‘We The People.”

Matt Cardona Will Have To Prove His Worth

After years of being stuck in a clogged undercard in WWE, it will be refreshing to see just how good Cardona has always been. He’s the type who was always ready in WWE, but they never needed him. The fans were always behind him, but that simply isn’t enough to stand out in a place like WWE.

Big moments like winning the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania were far and few between for him, with him mostly being used as an enhancement talent and on live events. We haven’t seen what he’s truly capable of, and AEW will give him that chance.

Cardona is currently only set for a few appearances for AEW, but is more than likely to be properly signed to a contract by the end of August. Who do you want to see Matt Cardona face in AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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