Impact Wrestling Results and Recap (8/18) – Emergence Night One – Wrestle House – Kylie Rae Defeated Taya Valkyrie

Kylie pinned Taya after connecting with a superkick

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Impact Wrestling Results and Recap (8/18) – Emergence Night One - Wrestle House – Kylie Rae Defeated Taya Valkyrie

Alisha Edwards told Rosemary she was so excited Taya had a match and couldn’t plan another bonding experience.

Cody Deaner then discovered someone took their beer. He brought two cases and labeled them.

The Deaners were clearly upset and ready to go nuclear on whoever stole their beer. This is so going to be fun seeing how it plays out

The Deaners began their investigation with Johnny Swinger saying it wasn’t him, though he was on probation.

Edwards said she only drinks the high quality stuff, so it wasn’t her.

Acey Romero then headed to the fridge and they accused him of taking their beer.

Things were about to get hostile when Susie appeared and reminded them that breaking their truce was bad, so things deescalated.

Larry D walked up and took two drinks out of the fridge, claiming he’s a lover, not a fighter when he was asked.

The Deaners and Romero were more than a little confused at his attitude.

He offered a drink to Rosemary as John E. Bravo arrived, and she had to turn down Larry’s offer of sitting together at the big match to referee Taya and Kylie’s match.

Susie and Cousin Jake were kinda off putting with each other, mainly on Jake’s end, and Cody asked it if didn’t go well.

Jakes replied, “That is correct.”

Wrestle House – Kylie Rae vs. Taya Valkyrie

Right away, Taya wanted to hesitate and when the bell rang, Kylie offered a handshake in name of a friendly competition.

Taya slapped her hand away, and Rosemary yelled at her to wrestle.

Taya pulled a couple of waist locks out as reversals, but the second one Kylie reversed and took Taya down.

Kylie then hit with a hurricanranna and a superkick.

Unfortunately, Rosemary tripped Kylie when she tried to hit her finisher, giving Taya the edge.

Taya then tied her up in the corner and bit her hand before going for a pin that Kylie kicked out of.

Taya hit with a kick after some showboating, then draped Kylie on the ropes to choke her.

Every time Taya posed, which was often, Rosemary clapped while everyone else booed.

Kylie hit with a super kick for a near pinfall, that Rosemary was reluctant to count.

Taya hit with a reverse suplex, but Kylie kicked out of a fast count and Taya screamed at Rosemary about what was going on.

Kylie then sidestepped a charged and Taya nearly ran into Rosemary, but stopped short.

Kylie hit her with a superkick when she turned around and Rosemary counted the pin with a vehement “Damn it!” prior to the three.

Rosemary had to help Taya check if her teeth were still there, then slid out of the ring and told Larry D she’ll see him next week.

Larry approached Romero and told him if he ever wanted to borrow some ring rust.

The Deaners were still focused on who took their beer despite enjoying the match, and Crazzy Steve told Bravo, “I may be blind, but even I see you’re blowing it.”

That’s gotta hurt Bravo’s ego, and Impact Wrestling Results and Recap can’t wait to see where this takes us next week.

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