Impact Wrestling Results and Recap (8/25) – Emergence Night 2 – Impact Knockouts Championship – 30 Minute Ironman Match- Deaona Purrazzo (c) Defeated Jordynn Grace 2 Falls to 1 Fall

Purrazzo forced Grace to tap out to her Fujiwara armbar with seconds left to secure her victory

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Impact Wrestling Results and Recap (8/25) – Emergence Night 2 - Impact Knockouts Championship – 30 Minute Ironman Match- Deaona Purrazzo (c) Defeated Jordynn Grace 2 Falls to 1 Fall

Impact Wrestling Results were set to go, and the pair started slow, circling each other before locking up and jockeying for position.

Grace Took Purrazzo down and they rolled through it, then Grace locked in a wrist lock.

Purrazzo tried to flip out of the wrist lock, but Grace used her power and took her down.

Purrazzo managed to reverse the hold, but Grace flipped her over to break it.

The locked up again, but this time Purrazzo got the advantage as she locked Grace in a head lock.

Grace maneuvered herself into a head scissors to wear Purrazzo down, and after a couple of minutes Purrazzo slipped out.

Grace tried to rolle her up while Purrazzo strutted, but Purrazzo kicked out.

Grace hit with a pair of arm drag takedowns, then caught Purrazzo’s kick and flipped her down into a one legged Boston crab.

Purrazzo made it to the ropes to break the hold.

Purrazzo sets the tone

We returned with Grace having regained control and hitting Purrazzo with a shoulder block in the corner. She then threw Purrazzo from corner to corner, bouncing Purrazzo off the turnbuckles.

Purrazzo slipped outside to avoid the corner, and hit Grace with a kick to give herself some time.

She then rammed Grace’s head off the ring apron twice, then threw her into the ring.

Purrazzo started working on Grace’s left arm with a kick to it, then a wristlock, and then stomped on Grace’s bent arm.

Grace countered a charge by tossing Purrazzo over the ropes, but Purrazzo landed on the apron and hung Graces arm up on the top rope, then nearly scored a pinfall.

Purrazzo continued to hammer on Grace’s left arm and locked in an armbar.

Grace tried to fight out of it, but Purrazzo countered a slam by corkscrewing her arm and dropping Grace to the mat.

Grace managed to reach the ropes with her foot, and Purrazzo held her hold as long as she could.

Purrazzo hit with a clothesline and attempt a pair of covers, but Grace kicked out. Purrazzo then thew her out of the ring as we headed to commercial.

Grace fights back

Purrazzo was still in control and working on Grace’s left hand, that was injured outside the ring when Purrazzo stomped on her hand during the commercial break.

Purrazzo then went back to working on Grace’s left arm, and tried to pin her by holding Grace’s shoulders down, but Grace powered out.

But Purrazzo got her back down with her leverage and nearly scored a pinfall before turning her attention back to Grace’s left arm and shoulder.

Grace finally gained the upper hand and hit with several forearms and shoulder blocks in the corner, then put Purrazzo on the top rope.

Purrazzo fought out of a superplex, but Grace hit her with a forearm, then hit a suplex off the second rope instead.

The referee started a ten count, but the women got to their feet at eight, then exchanged blows before Grace him with a pair of shoulder blocks and two senton bombs for a near pinfall.

Purrazzo counters a Grace strike into a full nelson, and Grace countered that into a sleeper hold.

Grace scored the first fall when Purrazzo’s arm fell three times.

Grace followed it with a charged into the corners, but Purrazzo countered her off the rope with a high knee then locked in a crossface type of hold, but Grace made it to the ropes.

Purrazzo commenced stomping grace, then she hit with a couple of knife edge chops.

Grace nailed her with a handful of forearms, and Purrazzo fought out of the Grace Driver.

Purrazzo pulled the referee in front of her when Grace charged her in the corner.

Grace hit a Grace Driver and had a pinfall, but the referee was down and couldn’t count it.

While the referee was out, Purrazzo grabbed her belt and hit Grace over the head with it and stirred the referee long enough to record the pinfall to even the score.

Purrazzo went for another pinfall, but Grace kicked out, So Purrazzo locked in her Fujiwara armbar that Grace countered bay rolling her over.

Purrazzo hit with a punt kick and suplex for a near pinfall.

Purrazzo locked in a Fujiwara armbar with a second left for her second win.

Deonna Purrazzo won two falls to won to retain the Knockouts Championship.

This was an awesome match and a pretty good night despite being promo heavy.

What did you guys think of the match? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll see you next week for Impact Wrestling Results.

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