Independent Wrestling: Beyond Wrestling Two Weeks Notice Part 1

A Look At The First Section Of Beyond Wrestling's Recent Two Weeks Notice Event

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Wheeler Yuta (front) And Lee Moriarty (back left) Moments Before Their July 27, 2020 Beyond Wrestling Two Weeks Notice Match via IndependentWrestling.TV

On July 27th, Beyond Wrestling returned to actions with its Two Weeks Notice event from an outdoor venue in Atlantic City, New Jersey since the COVID-19 (Coronavirus, 2019) pandemic caused a halt to professional wrestling around the world. The event streamed live on IndependentWrestling.TV and provided a solid afternoon of independent wrestling.

Two Weeks Notice began with a singles match between Allie Kat and Max Caster (who was accompanied to the ring by the Shook Crew). Caster looks like someone who has the potential to make a name for himself in professional wrestling, especially with there being more places now to earn a living around the world than there has been in twenty years.

Allie Kat has made her name for several years handled herself extremely well, and should be well on her way to receiving further opportunities in the future.

Shook Crew got involved several times throughout the match; however, Independent Wrestling Champion Warhorse and Effy came out to even the odds, allowing Allie Kat to pick up the victory.

The second match featured Beyond Wrestling regulars Bear Country (Bear Boulder/Bear Bronson) and Injustice (Jordan Oliver/Myron Reed) who were making their debuts for the promotion, meet in a Tornado Tag Match (All four competitors are legal at the same time).

The far larger Bear Country dictated the tempo at several points during the match, but Injustice was able to use their speed to disorientate their larger foes several times throughout the contest.

After a slight miscommunication between Bear Country, Reed was able to pin Bear Bronson with a Springboard 450 Splash.

The third match saw Wheeler Yuta take on Lee Moriarty, in what was the best match of the event. The match took on a chain wrestling approach which both wrestlers thrived in, showing how they could fit into junior heavyweight divisions around the world.

The match felt different than the typical junior heavyweight style in the United States which focuses on heavy aerial displays. Yuta especially seemed perfectly comfortable in the style with an understanding of amateur wrestling.

Yuta would eventually submit Moriarty, who had a great Beyond Wrestling debut.

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