Into the Vault: WWE WrestleMania XII

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Into the Vault: WWE WrestleMania XII

We’re still in March 1996 and it’s time to head Into the Vault for WWE WrestleMania XII! This is considered one of the best WrestleMania shows of the 90s. Let’s check it out! 


The Ultimate Warrior vs. Triple H is…man, I don’t know if I can roast Hunter for this. He actually did nothing wrong to deserve this match. It should’ve never happened. 

However, I almost didn’t make it to do this review since my soul left my body temporarily from laughter. This was a bad squash but hilarious. 

Seriously, who said it was a good idea to bring Warrior back past 1991 and put him on WrestleMania XII? This was going to be lousy and it wouldn’t be Triple H’s fault. 

I think I know who and decision-making powers should’ve been suspended for a year.  


The team of British Bulldog, Owen Hart, and Vader was a good one. This could’ve been a regular faction before the Hart Foundation revival. 

Across the ring from Cornette’s crew was Mr. Fuji leading Yokozuna, Ahmed Johnson, and Jake the Snake into battle. A very motley crew of talent. 

What I liked about this match was that it had a good length and pace. It’s a match that would’ve been at home on PPV or TV. 

Roddy Piper vs. Goldust was alright, it had adequate in-ring wrestling and some good comedy for the time.  

Both put in on this match but Dustin was really working his ass off to make this a memorable match.  

I could see this easily being top-shelf stuff if Goldust was paired against Savio or Austin but it probably wouldn’t have had that WM match vibe to it that Piper brought. 

The Austin vs. Savio match on this show would be the intro to a nice little feud that resulted in some pretty good matches on PPV. 

This one wasn’t bad at all but it lacked the stakes and danger of the other matches these two would have and be involved in. 

The team who put together highlight videos for the Bret vs. HBK Ironman Match needs to go in the Hall of Fame next year. Just announce them first. 

For years, they showed this match and promoted it as the greatest showdown between the two. If you didn’t see it then, you anticipated watching it. 

Then you finally watch it and realize that WWE hyped it way too much. Yes, a story is being told but honestly, a more eventful story could’ve been told in thirty. 

The best part of this match was ending on a draw and going into overtime.  


When it comes to WrestleMania, The Undertaker really started to turn it on in the late 90s. That’s when he had more mobile competition. 

His match against Diesel—in the context of the rest of the PPV—was pretty damn good. It had a solid pace and the right amount of time. 

It wasn’t the most exciting or anything but it was a good WM match that didn’t overshadow the main event. Back then, it was very important that the main wasn’t overshadowed. 

WWE WrestleMania XII Verdict: 7/10 

This is kind of a first for Into the Vault. Two shows that were roughly neck and neck as far as being really good shows! This was a definite turning point for WWE in the 90s. 

I would’ve easily given this show an 8/10 if the Iron Man match was shorter or some other kind of match. It dragged often in different parts pace-wise. 

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