Is Davey Boy Smith Jr. AEW Bound?

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One of the top heavyweight talents in wrestling today is Davey Boy Smith Jr. He is of course, the son of the legendary British Bulldog, and carries on his father’s legacy with his strong work ethic and impressive physique. Smith Jr. is currently signed with Major League Wrestling until December of this year, but is eager to leave. Could he be AEW bound?

Reforming Killer Elite Squad With Lance Archer

During his stint in Japan for both New Japan Pro Wrestling & Pro Wrestling NOAH, Davey Boy Smith Jr. would make a name for himself in a heavyweight tag team alongside Lance Archer. As part of the Suzuki-Gun faction, they were the faction’s default tag team, thus earning three IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships, two GHC Tag Team Championships and two NWA Tag Team Championships.

They would disband in June of 2019, when Smith would leave NJPW, leaving Archer to go on a highly praised singles run. While part of the reason Smith left the company was being stuck in a tag team, it’s his best proven role. He has proved his singles skills within MLW in matches with the likes of Tom Lawlor however, showing greater range than before.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Brian Pillman Jr. Could Bring The Hart Foundation To AEW

Another tag team partner of Smith has also made their debut for AEW, this being Brian Pillman Jr. Alongside Teddy Hart (who no major promotion would touch with a 1000ft pole) they formed The Hart Foundation, where their fathers were involved in the much praised 1997 rendition of the legendary faction.

This would be another great way to bring Smith into the mix of AEW, as the plan for Archer is to be a singles star, not a tag team member. Pillman & Smith bring both power & technique as well, something that couldn’t be achieved in a team with Archer. They might have to come up with a new team name however, unless they find another more employable Hart to bring along for the ride.

Which of these teams would you rather see in AEW? Would you rather see Davey Boy Smith Jr. return to WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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