Is Lio Rush Done With Professional Wrestling?

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Out of everyone who was released by WWE in April of this year, none have been more vocal about wanting out than Lio Rush. The former NXT Cruiserweight Champion and hype man of Bobby Lashley would go as far as to claim he was completely done with the wrestling industry. This did not last long, as he would wrestle Joey Janela at GCW Homecoming. Could this match open the door for a new chapter in the career of Lio Rush, now called Lionel Green?

Lio Rush Did Not Fit Into The WWE System

Someone brash, cocky and outspoken like Green was never going to be a type to succeed within a company like WWE. After leaving WWE, he’d declare he might never wrestle again and that he had sold his gear. This has now been proven to be untrue, and his match with Janela showed he still has a lot of value within the ring. At only 25 years old, Green still has a lot of time to decide if he wants to return to the ring, but a trip to AEW might not be far away.

Following what was hyped as ‘The Final Match’ of Lionel Green’s career, he would go to Instagram where he would say the following when asked if the door for a return was ‘really closed’. “The door is always open, I feel. Whether or not I choose to step in that pathway again is the real question.”

When asked about how it felt to get back in the ring again, he had the following to say. “It felt good. Now I have to tackle these other goals that I have for myself.”

Lionel Green Would Fit In Perfectly Alongside Janela & Kiss In AEW

Should Green choose to join All Elite Wrestling, he would make the promising tag team of Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss into a very promising trio. With Trios action being a division of its own in the company, with teams like Death Triangle, Best Friends, Jurassic Express & The Elite calling it home. Adding Green into the mix with an odd couple team like Kiss & Janela would allow them to both stand out and impress in a stacked division.

Lionel Green is in control of his career at this point. He doesn’t have to have his final match be on 205 Live in WWE, but rather with a friend in an environment where he truly thrives. Do you think Lio Rush is retired from professional wrestling now, or will we be seeing him back again soon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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