Is MJF Ready For An AEW Championship Run? 

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 Is MJF Ready For An AEW Championship Run? 

After this week’s AEW Dynamite, it’s clear that MJF is going to be heading toward the main event picture. In the last Dynamite, it seems like we will be getting a feud that leads into the next PPV main event. 

The match next week could change the main event of the PPV. With Jon Moxley going up against Darby Allin next week for the championship. It doesn’t feel likely that Moxley will lose it but anything can happen in AEW. 

Jon Moxely Vs. MJF or Darby Vs. MJF

Darby Allin Vs. MJF would be a good matchup as it would feel like AEW are focusing on the  younger generation main eventing the PPV would show that AEW are looking to the future. There is the fact that, at the moment, Jon Moxley is still at the top of his game.

It really doesn’t feel like Jon Moxely is going to lose his championship in a non-PPV event. Then there’s the fact that Moxley and MJF are probably the best promo workers in wrestling at the moment. Their feud could be something amazing to watch over the next month. 

Is MJF ready for it though? 

MJF has been at the top of the ranking for a while now and we thought that it could have been leaning to a rematch with Cody. Know though its Jon Moxely he’s going against. MJF is one of the best on the mic and would be a very entertaining champion. 

Even though that is true Jon Moxley losing against MJF doesn’t seem likely. It feels like if he does win it won’t be clean and he would end up getting help from someone else like Wardlow for example Maybe even a new faction.

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