Is Renee Young Going To Replace Excalibur In AEW? 

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Is Renee Young Going To Replace Excalibur In AEW? 

As of today, Renne Young has quit WWE. There is currently no confirmation on her next move and where we’ll see her next.

It looks like she left due to the fact that WWE were not treating her right. This was due to her constantly being moved from one area of WWE to another, at one point she was on the commentary. Then she was on her own show and then she was on the pre-show for the PPV.

It was then confirmed that she was one of the WWE employees to get Covid-19. This feels like this could have been the final nail in the coffin for Renee to leave. There is also a rumour that WWE didn’t like the fact she confirmed this on Twitter at the time. 

Why would she go to AEW?

There are a couple of reasons why we could see her in AEW. The obvious ones are because Jon Moxley is there, her husband. That reason alone though doesn’t mean she’ll go there as there are many interested in employing her from the sports commentary industry.

A big reason for Renee to come to AEW is opportunity. It looks like there is going to be a big gap in the commentary team at the moment with Excalibur and Tazz replacing him. There is also a gap in full time woman commenters in AEW.

Renee Young could take that role as she already has experience in the role. The fact that AEW is so young there is a lot of opportunity there.

With AEW’s ratings growing smoothly. If Renee Young want’s to carry on in the wrestling industry and didn’t really end on good terms with WWE. AEW could be the best place to go. If so, we could maybe see her as early as the All Out PPV. As I doubt she will have a no compete clause in her contract. 

Excalibur doesn’t look to be returning

The timing of this feels like she could be going to AEW. Excalibur rumoured to return a couple of weeks back now but never returned to AEW. There is still some chance of him returning due to AEW recording their shows in advance. If he doesn’t, Tazz is an amazing commenteror.

It feels like they’ll need a full time replacement for the weekly show due to Tazz being a manager for both Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. Renee Young is a big enough name to replace Excalibur and Jon Moxley, her husband is the champion.

Even though she could end up anywhere as she is very talented in her field  and has many interested parties in the sports industry. Could we see Renne Young in AEW All Out on the 5th September? Only time will tell. 

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