JTG Wants To Challenge Cody Rhodes For TNT Championship

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JTG Wants To Challenge Cody Rhodes For TNT Championship

One man who doesn’t get enough respect for his wrestling career is JTG, best known as a member of Cryme Tyme in WWE alongside Shad Gaspard. He was never an elite level worker during his time in the company, and once spent almost a year with management seemingly forgetting he was under contract. However, at their peak Cryme Tyme were one of the most popular acts in WWE, despite never getting their well deserved tag team championship reign.

Now in 2020, Shad Gaspard has tragically passed away. Earlier this year, he was sucked into the ocean by a riptide, and his final actions were that of telling lifeguards to save his son instead of him. He died and shall be remembered as a hero, and JTG is keeping busy in wrestling.

He wants the spotlight once again, and he knows a path to that spotlight. JTG has laid out a challenge to Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship.

JTG Has Called Out Cody Rhodes

Following a match on the indies, JTG would grab a microphone and address not the fans, but Cody Rhodes. He knows the power of social media, this video will reach Cody, who recently name dropped him in an interview within AEW. Cody is watching, and knew this was going to happen.

“Cody Rhodes, I know you’re watching. So let me get my grill on the camera. I’m coming for that TNT Championship. And on that night, you might have Arn Anderson, but I’m gonna have Shad Gaspard in my corner.”

A short, but very powerful and meaningful promo for sure. It’s one that has already captured the attention of fans, getting nearly 800 retweets and 3200 likes in just over 12 hours on Twitter.

He Still Has Good Years Ahead Of Him

Many don’t realize that JTG is only 35 years old, and just made his WWE debut when he was young. In wrestling years, that’s fairly young if you wrestle a safe style. This puts JTG only a bit ahead of Cody in terms of age, and makes him a potentially sound investment for AEW to bring in.

The big issue with bringing JTG in for a TNT Championship match, with him calling on his fallen friend to be spiritually in his corner for this match, is that you almost can’t have him lose. It would be a match in honour of Shad Gaspard, a tribute to a man who was as close as family to him. This would put AEW in a tricky situation, especially as Cody is supposed to be one of their bigger babyfaces.

People would be fully behind JTG, and a loss to Cody might force even more people to turn on him. However, if Brodie Lee is to become TNT Champion on Saturday, that makes things a bit easier on AEW should he keep the open challenge around.

Would you want to see JTG come to AEW to challenge for the TNT Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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