Marty Scurll Is No Longer The Head Booker For ROH

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Ring Of Honor was set to have a great year in 2020 before everything got shut down by COVID-19. Part of this was due to a fresh face behind the scenes, that being Marty Scurll. One of the best technical wrestlers in the world today, he signed an excellent deal with ROH that included him becoming the head booker of the entire company. Many expected him to sign with his friends in AEW, but this deal kept him where he was.

However, he was implicated in the #SpeakingOut movement, being accused of Sexual Harassment. Scurll hasn’t been heard from on social media after apologizing for his actions. Now it’s being reported that he is out as the head booker.

Marty Scurll Is Out, Delirious Is Back In

In a move that induced many groans from wrestling fans who had hoped for Ring Of Honor, the previous head booker Hunter ‘Delirious’ Johnston is back in charge. He is one of the men that catches flak for the downfall of Ring Of Honor, as poor booking is one of the biggest issues that the company has.

While it makes sense to go back to someone who knows the job, it doesn’t inspire much hope going forward. Jonathan Gresham is getting a bigger role backstage, and he could be the next man to get a role like Scurll had before his past came to light.

Scurll Could Be Finished In Wrestling

The #SpeakingOut movement is one that really changed the landscape of professional wrestling, and Scurll was one of the most high-profile names to be mentioned in the movement. This put a large spotlight on him, which will make it hard for him to wait out the storm and get back to action.

He’s no longer the booker of ROH, and Brody King has all but confirmed that his faction ‘Villain Enterprises’ was done, with King going solo. If we see Scurll back in the ring, it won’t go over well with fans. His future remains to be seen, but it looks bleak for Scurll.

Do you think we will ever see Marty Scurll back in the ring? Should he be allowed to keep his ROH contract? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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