New Japan Strong Episode 3: Marquee, Fighting Spirit Unleashed Announcement

Kenta Wins A Trophy

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David Finlay And Kenta Moments After Their Match For The August 21st Episode Of New Japan Strong via New Japan World

The marquee match of the third episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Strong saw the finals of the New Japan Cup USA 2020 between Hontai member David Finlay and Bullet Club Kenta.

In what was the most significant singles match of David Finlay’s career, he was able to make Kenta uncomfortable several times throughout the match.

However, Kenta’s experience was able to shine through as he was able to avoid manager trouble despite Finaly’s best efforts to put him away. After a solid battle, Kenta would gain the fall at the 13 minute and 35-second mark after the Go 2 Sleep.

After the match, Jeff Cobb made it known that he plans to challenge Kenta for the right to make the V3 challenge of Jon Moxley’s current reign of the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship.

During the semi-finals of the New Japan Cup USA 2020, Kenta took a shortcut to defeat Cobb in order to earn his opportunity against Finlay — making him a natural challenger for Kenta who will have to defend his ‘right certificate’ at least once before a title match against Moxley is made.

Fighting Spirit Unleashed 2020 Announced

The Fighting Spirit Unleashed 2020 Tour Graphic via New Japan Pro Wrestling

During the event, Kevin Kelly announced Fighting Spirit Unleashed 2020 will take place sometime in the near future. While no dates and locations were announced for the tour — it is likely to take place throughout various locations throughout the United States. However, with the dynamic environment regarding the pandemic, it could turn into a single event.

NJPW has kept a strict policy regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus, 2019) testing and fan policy since returning to action, and will continue to keep those precautions in place as the United States struggles to contain the pandemic.

Next week on NJPW Strong, the Road to Fighting Spirit Unleased 2020 begins as will the build towards headline and featured matches for the tour.

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