NJPW CEO Harold Meij Want Home Venue For Company

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New Japan Pro Wrestling is back, and they’ve been slowly building up to a big show at the end of August. This build is mainly being held through small shows at venues like Korakuen Hall, but wouldn’t things be easier for them if they had a home venue in Tokyo? WWE has the WWE Performance Center, AEW has Daily’s Place, CMLL has Arena Mexico and if NJPW has their way, they will have their very own place to run shows.

Harold Meij Wants A Home Venue for NJPW

During an interview with Toyo Keizai, a Japanese business/economics magazine, NJPW CEO Harold Meij would be asked about how the touring system could change. His response was the following.

“Basics won’t change. We don’t have our own venue and need to comply with local rules and regulations when we use each local venue. We’re considering having our own venue with a capacity of 3,000 attendance, that’s bigger than Korakuen Hall. It’s been our dream. If we can find the right location, we can build it within 18 months.”

This has apparently been in talk for years now, as Tokyo is one of their biggest markets, but this is the first public mention of it.

This Would Benefit Every Company In Japan As Well

If this venue is built, it would not only benefit them. While this venue would likely be rented out for promotions like AJPW, DDT, Dragon Gate & Pro Wrestling NOAH, it could also serve as a home venue for STARDOM. STARDOM is now a sister-promotion of NJPW, also being owned by Bushiroad, even getting a spot at Wrestle Kingdom, albeit in a dark match that wasn’t included in the main broadcast. 

This would also open up Korakuen Hall more for smaller promotions, which would be a huge benefit. NJPW would now be running their own venue, meaning that it would be easier for someone like All Japan Pro Wrestling to get into this popular venue. KBS Hall was created to supplement Korakuen Hall, but it’s a far more expensive venue for promotions to run making it not as appealing. 

Do you think NJPW will be able to get their own venue built? Would it help the whole industry to have another wrestling focused venue? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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