NJPW Strong Episode 2: Undercard Review

Tag Matches Set The Stage

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Opening Moments Of The 2nd Match of The August 14, 2020 Episode Of New Japan Strong via New Japan World

The second episode of New Japan Strong delivered on putting together a good hour of professional wrestling in the vein of the traditional New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) product as the New Japan Cup USA 2020 semi-final matches were held.

The second and final undercard match saw PJ Black, Misterioso, and Blake Christian defeat TJP, ACH, and Alex Zayne at the 7 minute and 55-second mark when PJ Black hit his Placebo Effect springboard 450 Splash on Zayne.

While a high paced contest with several def defying high flying moments, the narrative was put together well and told a solid story involving wrestlers attempting to one-up one another.

PJ Black, Alex Zayne, and Blake Christian did well for themselves and could likely become fixtures on New Japan Strong in the upcoming months. It’s not unlikely PJ Black could tour Japan once borders reopen to international travel. Due to his past with NJPW, it’s likely ACH would also be a prime candidate to return to tours of Japan.

Every participant in the match could help add depth to NJPW’s junior heavyweight division, especially the tag team division. 

Moments After Logan Riegel (left) Barrett Brown (right) Won Their Match During The Second NJPW Strong Episode That Aired On August 14, 2020 via New Japan World

The opening match saw Barrett Brown and Logan Riegel defeat NJPW Los Angeles (LA) Dojo Young Lion Clark Connors and Jordan Clearwater at the 7 minute and 3-second mark when Brown pinned Clearwater with a Vertical Cradle.

The match was competitive, featuring four other talents that could add to NJPW’s depth over the long-term as New Japan of America (NJoA) gains further market share in North America.

Logan’s tag team with his brother Sterling (The Riegel Twins) has an opportunity to carve out their place in the junior heavyweight tag division if they continue improving.

The lone heavyweight, Jordan Clearwater showed potential and could develop over time if given further opportunities on NJPW Strong and NJoA in general.

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